The Rundown: 10.1.17

Essential tracks from Wilco's longtime manager, a definitive end to the great Star Wars debate, and more in this week's rundown
October 1, 2017

We’ve spent an evening gunkholing in the San Juan islandsforaged for wildflowers on the side of a mountain, and even thrown our backs out doing goat yoga — but we’re still always up for trying something new. That’s why twice a month we look to the Huckberry community for their recommendations on everything from the perfect morning shower, to the fastest way to peel a head of garlic. This week, we asked longtime Wilco manager Tony Margherita, our social media lead Tommy McDermott, and Huckberry Ambassador Johnie Gall for their favorite tips, hacks, discoveries, and suggestions. We hope you enjoy!

Top Life Hack: It’s really true what your parents told you: not much good happens after 2am. I can’t remember the last time I missed something good or regretted having the last drink earlier as opposed to later.

Favorite Recent Huckberry Purchase: When the weather finally does turn here in the Northeast, I’ll be digging out my Astorflex Chukkas. They remind me of those desert boots I used to wear in high school … except they’re way more comfortable and a great incentive to spend more time on my feet instead of at my desk.

Top Travel Hack: Traveling domestically has turned into the least fun part of my job. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Europe or Asia or almost anywhere but North America, do yourself a favor and take the train. It’s generally almost as fast as flying, really relaxing, the food is decent or actually good depending on where you are, and you get to talk to people and feel a bit of a connection to the place.

Author That Influenced You The Most: Richard Ford’s Frank Bascombe novels have had a pretty big influence on my life. If you haven’t at least read The Sportswriter, you should close this page right now and go pick up a copy at your local bookstore.

Favorite Place To Wake Up/Fall Asleep: My happiest moments are spent at our place in the Berkshires in western Mass. It’s Saturday evening, I’m firing up the grill, drinking a can of Artifact Cider and the Red Sox are on the radio. Joe Castiglione is one of the last in a long line of great radio baseball announcers and you still hear his voice everywhere you go in New England during the season. There’s just something very comforting to me about that game on in the background as summer life is happening all around you that makes falling asleep easy.

Favorite Radio Show: Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure on Sirius/XM is worth seeking out. It’s our fallback in the office whenever we get tired of everything else.

Favorite Huckberry Brand: In the music business every day is casual Friday, so you have to be careful not to abuse the privilege. Our office is in an old converted mill building — lovely space, but a bit chilly in the winter and no AC in the summer. In the warm months, Myles shorts are the compromise: dressy enough to look like you care, but comfortable enough for the four-mile commute on the bike trail. I think I have four pairs of them now.

Favorite Wilco Memory: Funny to think I’ve been managing some of these same people for 30 years! If I had to pick one single great memory it’d be the first time Wilco played in Spain, at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona circa 2004. They’d been touring Europe for over a decade but inexplicably had never played Spain. It was a magic moment, standing on the side of the stage, looking out and seeing those many thousands singing along and just basically falling in love with the band.

If You Had $500 To Spend On Huckberry: When we move from “beat the heat” to “fight the chill,” which around here happens in the course of a few weeks, I’m gonna have to check out the Relwen Snap CPO. Looks like the kind of thing I might have to leave on the hook by my desk til summer. When I’m bored at work I love flipping through the Camp Store on the site. I’m thinking a Marshmallow Crossbow might be in order — could do double duty both in the office and the Berkshires. Imagine the possibilities.

Favorite Huckberry Memory: I moved across the country to work at Huckberry as an editorial intern right out of college (Seriously, I packed a duffle, threw on an Explorer’s Cap, and took the first flight to San Francisco after I graduated). It was pretty hectic, but worth it. I've eaten breakfast with Jeff Tweedy as part of our Field Guide to Chicago, spent three days on the side of Mt. Tam with the wilderness perfumers at Juniper Ridge, and hunted down a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon for our Holiday giveaway.

Book That Influenced You The Most: Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan definitely influenced my writing style more than anything I’ve read. It’s a collection of his short stories and essays from a few publications and every single one is thoughtful, funny, and concise — it’s everything you hope your writing sounds like. I’m also a huge Raymond Carver fan.

Best Music To Work To: The Eccentric Soul collections are full of lesser-known soul tracks from the seventies. It’s my go-to for everything from getting through the workday to making dinner at home. I can’t recommend the Deep City Label enough.

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: The Peak Design x Huckberry Everyday Backpack — I use it every day. The origami-style interior holds all my film and lenses when I’m out shooting, and the laptop sleeve and magnetic closure makes it a great commuter pack too. Plus, it’s black.

Next Huckberry Purchase: A pair of Give’r 4-Season Gloves. We’ve had some fun putting these through the gauntlet at the office! They’re insulated and waterproof so you can use ‘em skiing in the winter, and they’re tough enough to move a burning log in the campfire without fear.

Documentary Recommendation: Last Chance High follows a group of Chicago students as they enter Moses Montefiore Academy, a school for at-risk youth on the West Side. It’s a really incredible look at the power of patience and the importance of having strong mentors in your life.

Favorite Trip: I got back from a ten day trip to Cuba a month ago and it was one of the most surreal places I’ve ever been. Viñales especially — it’s full of beautiful countryside and the beach is worth the long, rough drive. We ran out of money halfway through (seriously) and we still had an incredible time. Forge a passport, sneak in through Canada, do whatever it takes but get down there as soon as you can. [ed note: we do not endorse passport forgery]

New Discovery: Boxing. A few of us in the office were looking to mix things up so we grabbed some gloves and started going to a gym down the street. It’s one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done, but it’s a great change of pace from just lifting or running.

Top Life Hack: If you want to be interesting, be interested.

The Greatest Star Wars Movie: I have both made and lost some of my closest friends based on this question. The battle on Hoth? Han and Leia? One of the best twist endings in cinematic history? Come on now — it’s The Empire Strikes Back  ... though any movie with Adam Driver is automatically pretty high on my list.

Favorite Huckberry Brand or Shop: Peak Design makes the best camera bag I’ve ever used, and their strap and clip systems have changed the way I take pictures and stay organized.

Author Who’s Influenced You The Most: The the first story to really affect me was J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Even as a child, I was awe-struck by the way he could weave such a sprawling yet delicate story. I bought a copy of the book when I visited the set of the film in New Zealand, and it’s one of my most prized possessions.

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: A simple necklace by Julia Szendrei. I don’t wear much jewelry, but this piece reminds me of being near the water, so it rarely leaves my neck.

Netflix Recommendation: I have two. Given is a documentary about a surf family’s trip around the world told through the perspective of their 6-year-old son. Then there’s Tracks, the true story of Robyn Davidson’s solo walk across the outback with her camels. Adam Driver plays a Nat Geo photographer.

Bucket List Adventure: Writing about and photographing truly wild places with the hope of protecting them is where my heart is right now. I’d love to embark on a Walter Mitty style adventure that takes me to Greenland, the Australian bush, and Tasmania.

Podcast Recommendation: Pop Culture Happy Hour is NPR’s roundtable discussion of books, movies, and music. If you think listening to highly intelligent people dissect the Fast and the Furious films sounds like fun, then you’re in for a real treat.

Most Inspiring Person You Follow On Instagram: Industrial designer Adam Kingman has a knack for making the ordinary extraordinary. He calls himself the “decent magician,” but the way he can transform a desert landscape into another world is truly magic. He reminds me to tune into my imagination and just listen.

Next Huckberry Purchase: Bull & Stash refillable notebook. Walt Disney said that a blank piece of paper is the greatest opportunity.

If I had $500 to Blow on Huckberry: I’d buy the Ixtapa Rocking Chair from Mexa. It’s one of those beautifully constructed pieces I’d own forever, and looks like the ideal chair to catch up on some reading and dreaming in.

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