The Rundown: 1.8.2018

We ask Navy SEAL and TRX founder Randy Hetrick for his best tips and tricks on everything from how to stay fit to how to unwind after a long day
January 12, 2018

For the first edition of the year, we're switching things up with just one very special guest, TRX founder Randy Hetrick. Below he dishes on everything from his time as a SEAL to the best ways for us to shed our lingering holiday cookie weight. Onward!


Number One Lesson Learned from Being a Navy SEAL: Build a strong team and never, ever quit.

Morning Routine: Double Nespresso w/milk, 20 priority emails/texts, a protein bar and 60 mins of something sweaty.

Best Advice: Stay focused on the next 100 meters of the trail. Obsessing on the horizon can rob your mojo or lead you off a cliff

Craziest Place You've Set Up TRX Straps: Anchored to a giant piece of sunken driftwood in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The tide came in halfway through my workout but I’m stubborn — so I banged out the last 30 mins in the whitewash. Reminded me of BUDS!

Who to Follow on Instagram: Clark Little. I never tire of his amazing, fearless images of liquid giants (a.k.a. waves) greeting the nearshore. Utterly spellbinding. 

Travel Hack: Pack a TRX, strength band, jump rope, running shoes and a lacrosse ball — you’ve got a world-class gym that weighs just 5 lbs. and travels anywhere you care to sweat.

Music for Productivity: Rolling Stones station on Pandora — what can I say, I’m a '70s kid.

Under-appreciated App: The brand-new TRX App, of course. Dozens of workouts of every kind with: real-time in-ear coaching; dynamic heart rate-driven programs; your own music; and all the historical tracking capabilities you could ever want—all wrapped up into one slick fitness app.

Podcast Recommendation: Suiting Up with Paul Rabil. The world’s greatest lacrosse player is also a wicked interviewer. Great guests from the world of sports fielding clever questions by the sharpest elite athlete you’ll ever meet.

Book that's Influenced Your Behavior: The Endurance, by Alfred Lansing. I read it every five years or so. The story of Shackleton’s ill-fated voyage to the South Pole. It reminds me that things can always be worse; and that anything is possible if you just don’t give up.

Hetrick's Favorite Huckberry Gear:

"I'm really loving the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker. Slip this jacket on and you'll feel like Cool Hand Luke."

Favorite Workout: Any class at the TRX Training Center in San Francisco or, when I’m traveling, any workout in the TRX Force App.

Bucket List Adventure: Surfing one of the world’s longest breaks — Pavones, Costa Rica — with my boys.

Best Customer Request: A soldier’s request for free replacements of his unit’s TRX inventory because the ones they used downrange every day got scorched by an IED when
left on the outside of their Hummer. Thankfully, their team was safe. We gladly replaced 'em!

One Thing That Recently Surprised You: How many top aides a President can flush in a single year.

What to Watch on Netflix: Peaky Blinders — an awesome series about a gangster family in industrial Birmingham, England, circa 1920. Totally addictive!

Favorite New Discovery: Buying vintage surfboards on Craigslist. I’m afraid it’s becoming a problem.

Best Customer Quote: “Your gizmo changed my life.”

Guilty Pleasure: One finger of Bulleit Rye w/ ice and an episode of Ballers before bedtime.


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