The Rundown: 09.03.17

A dive bar under the Santa Monica pier, an app for tracking rainfall down to the minute, and more in this week's rundown
September 3, 2017

We’ve spent an evening gunkholing in the San Juan islandsforaged for wildflowers on the side of a mountain, and even thrown our backs out doing goat yoga — but we’re still always up for trying something new. That’s why twice a month we look to the Huckberry community for their recommendations on everything from the perfect morning shower, to the fastest way to peel a head of garlic. This week, we asked actor and co-founder of Criquet Shirts Luke Wilson, the founder of The Fresh Exchange Megan Gliger, and our operations team member Trey Tomlin for their favorite tips, hacks, discoveries, and suggestions. We hope you enjoy!  

Favorite Dive Bar: Big Dean’s under the Santa Monica pier is a good old Southern California beach bar. And it's down the hill from another classic called Chez Jay. Supposedly Alan Shepard or one of the Apollo astronauts brought some peanuts from the bar in Chez Jay into outer space.

If I Had $500 To Blow On Huckberry: Two Criquet Players Shirts (one for each day of the weekend), a Kammok Roo hammock, and this 36 oz Yeti Rambler Bottle. Austin’s finest brands. Oh, and this portable B&O BEOPLAY2 speaker for the golf cart. To hit a good shot while listening to Waylon and Willie — seems like a little slice of heaven. 

Splurge Beer: Heineken. Classic taste, bottle, and logo. I always like spotting an ice-cold Heineken in those great Jim Marshall and Henry Diltz rock and roll photographs.

Something That Recently Surprised Me: I don't know if it qualifies as something that really surprised me, but John Turturro as the lead in The Night Of on HBO was amazing. It was originally gonna be James Gandolfini, who had died, which was incredibly sad. Gandolfini was a great guy and a great actor. To me, he was like Hackman… he could be scary, or funny, or kind-hearted.

Recent Documentary: With the untimely death of Sam Shepard I went back and watched a great documentary called Shepard and Dark. It’s about his almost lifelong friendship with Johnny Dark, and the letters they wrote each other. They talk about life, loss, women, and creativity. And jobs… both menial and exciting. It's an interesting portrait of Sam, who, like Bob Dylan, you get the feeling really was a lone wolf... even when he was older. And what remains constant is the work. 

Favorite Piece Of Gear Growing Up: I would say the piece of gear that saved my life was my first little jambox as a kid. It's where I first played tapes that I'd discovered by Jackson Browne. And an album called Infidels by Dylan… it changed my way of thinking. I'd listen to KRLD 1080 news at night. Between crime and the weather in Texas, there was always a lot going on. 

Top Location For Photography: I don't know if it's my top location photography-wise, but I did climb on top of every lion in Trafalgar Square in London a few years ago for a picture. My reasoning being I didn't ever want to look at a picture of Trafalgar Square and wonder if that was the lion I sat on. It's times like those when I'm determined about something possibly meaningless that I wonder if I'm crazy. 

Coolest Place You’ve Ever Stayed On A Trip: We stay at this farmhouse Airbnb in Northport, Michigan (end of Leelanau Peninsula) every year. It has inspired so much of our future home we are building. 

Most-used Huckberry Product: A toss up, but for sure our Stagg Pour-over coffee kettle is high on the list. And my husband Mike wears his Myles shorts nearly every day. 

One Thing That Will Transform An Entire Room: Lighting. I learned this from the Danish when we went to Denmark last spring. Lower lighting in the evenings is extremely important, just as the right color temp of a light bulb is in the morning. All of it can completely transform the way you feel in a space. Being aware of this and using as much natural light as possible is key to a happy space, no matter the decor. 

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: Our dinner guests literally always ask for our Mazama cocktail glasses by name. The weight is perfect in your hand. Also, my Glerups slippersare a necessity living in Northern Michigan. 

Under Appreciated App: Dark Sky. It tells you in a beautiful way exactly when it will rain or be sunny, right down to the minute. I plan every day with it.

Favorite Home Goods Brand On Huckberry: We love our Matteo Linen sheets no matter the time of year. We have used our’s for almost a year now and I feel like they are even better than the day we got them. It is such a luxury to get into linen bedding each night. 

Book That’s Changed Your Behavior The Most: Essentialism by Greg McKeown was a book I read before becoming a parent, and it caused me to get real about what mattered in life and what didn’t. I suggest it to anyone struggling to feel in control of their life and career. In fact, it was why I shifted my brand and blog so much and why we moved to a place that brought us so much happiness.

My Next Huckberry Purchase: For sure this set of cast iron cookware from Barebones Kitchen. It is the perfect set for indoor/outdoor cooking this fall. I’m secretly pretty excited about that!

Favorite Huckberry Brand Or Shop: Flint and Tinder all the way. No BS, it's all I wear now since I've started at Huckberry. I just unboxed the new Stretch Denim Trucker jackets this friday. They are beautiful. 

Best Thing To Do In Ohio: Easy, an Ohio State Football game.  

Bucket List Trip: Hmm, well in 9th grade my best friend and I promised each other we'd climb Mt. Fuji together. I should remind him....

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: My Everyday Backpack from Peak Design is the MVP. I've been carrying around my 35mm camera, my giant 36 oz. Yeti Rambler, my Macbook air, my latest library checkout, along with everything else I need for the day, and it holds it all, while keeping everything super-organized and accessible. 

If You Had $500 To Blow On Huckberry: Did I mention how much I love Flint and Tinder? Winter is coming my friends, and i'll be stocking up on 10 Year Hoodies, and Micro-bamboo boxers

Most Inspiring Person You Follow On Instagram: @chrisburkard for sure. I want to move to California in the next couple of years, and his feed is a constant source of inspiration, and jealousy. 

Favorite New Discovery: The strongest, tastiest Don Julio Margaritas for just $9 at The Olde Towne Tavern, right here in Columbus.

Next Huckberry Purchase: I’m gonna grab an Uuni portable pizza oven. Football tailgating season is upon us, and in Ohio — we take our football seriously. 


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