The Rundown: 08.13.17

An app for clearing your head, our favorite Ecologist's must-read book, and more in this week's Rundown.
August 13, 2017

We’ve spent an evening gunkholing in the San Juan islandsforaged for wildflowers on the side of a mountain, and even thrown our backs out doing goat yoga — but we’re still always up for trying something new. That’s why twice a month we look to the Huckberry community for their recommendations on everything from the perfect morning shower, to the fastest way to peel a head of garlic. This week, we asked Finisterre founder Tom Kay, Ecologist and HB Ambassador Charles Post, and our newest assistant brand buyer Georgia Naumann for their favorite tips, hacks, discoveries, and suggestions.
We hope you enjoy!

Favorite Place: Western Ireland. Way out west — a heady mix of welcoming faces, good friends, fast rivers, and fantastic waves.

Favorite Jacket on Huckberry: Ahem. The Finisterre Aeris. Warm, light, packable, ready for anything. 

Favorite New Discovery: My Churchill swim fins I use for body surfing — they're designed after dolphin fins.

Favorite Thing To Listen To: The Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio 4. It’s a forecast for seafarers and mariners alike, covering the sea areas around the UK, issued by the British Met Office [Ed note: the UK's National Weather Service]. I can remember listening to the forecast in my parents' car on dark winter nights, as gales raged outside. It’s been a source of fascination since, and is where the name Finisterre came from.

New Podcast You’re Into: Looking Sideways by Matt Barr. “Uncovering the most fascinating stories in action sports and other related endeavours.”

For Better Habits: Buy stuff that lasts. Get a reusable water bottle and take it everywhere with you.

If You Had $500 To Spend On Huckberry: Another Columba Crew, some new Astorflex Boots, and a Leatherman — you can never have too many.

Favorite Quote: “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” — T. E. Lawrence. I had this quote stuck inside my day book when I was doing an office job before I started Finisterre back in 2003.

Top Life Hack: Always carry binoculars. You'll see a world you never knew existed.

New Podcast You're Into: The Kyle Thiermann Show. He’s a surfer and filmmaker with a big interest in environmental issues. My latest sit down with him airs in two weeks!

Next Huckberry Purchase: Sanborn Canoe. Holy smokes! I want one of those so badly. That's a dream boat. Literally.

Craziest Thing You’ve Experienced As An Ecologist: Either getting shot at by a paranoid pot farmer in Humboldt, getting bluff charged by a grizzly bear, or watching a deer give birth and then a golden eagle pluck the deer out of the field, drop it on the river bank and eat it. It's a close tie.

Music Or Station To Work To: It's a Spotify playlist called TACO. My fiancé, Rachel Pohl crafted it. Check it out!

Book That's Changed You The Most: Either A Sand County Almanac, the book that inspired modern Ecology, by Aldo Leopold, or A Great Animal Orchestra, Bernie Krause's book about the natural music that surrounds us.

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: My Copin jeans. I've beat the sh*t out of them and they are still hanging in there — with the blood, cow snot, horse poop, dirt and sweat. I think I've washed them just 2 or 3 times even though you're not supposed to since they're “raw” or something ... but they smelled horrible so I did.

Favorite Adventure Or Trip/Recommendation: Denali National Park in Fall. Then go fishing on the Kenai River and bring a big net.

Favorite New Discovery: Bowhunting. My buddy, Adam Foss — who is an archer — gave me a bow and I'm hooked.

Favorite Place To Wake Up/Fall Asleep: The back of my truck with my fiancé, Rachel Pohl, in some epic, remote area in Montana.

If You Had $500 Credit To Spend On Huckberry: I'd buy a bunch of presents for my fiancé because a happy fiancé means a happy life for me. Haha. …So true, though. 

Favorite Huckberry Brand Or Shop: Flint and Tinder, or Chris Burkard's shop. He's always so dialed with gear, and a great reference when trying to hack life and freelancing. A true life Jedi.

Life Hack: I'm largely a nighttime exercise gal. Riding my bike to work, though, really helps get the juices flowing for a more productive morning at the office.

Favorite HB Purchase: Gotta be a tie between my Jetboil Flash Stove + French Press (great for a cup of coffee or a Cup O’ Noodles when I'm camping), and my Glerups (best slippers I've ever owned!).

Most Underrated App: I discovered Headspace shortly after the new year and it is, hands down, the most valuable app I use. The guided meditation helps me feel grounded and ready to take on any challenge, professional or personal.

Most Inspiring Account You Follow On Instagram: @thiswildidea is one of the first 'viral' IG accounts I ever followed and it remains my favorite still. Curated by photog/adventurer Theron Humphrey, it features Maddie the hound (Theron's best friend) posing precariously in all kinds of beautiful and simple spaces. Her poise and grace are stunning.

Favorite Place To Fall Asleep: Doesn't matter as long as there's a thunderstorm outside. I love the sound of rain on a cabin roof, a car top, or even a tent. And the rumble of thunder is the best lullaby.

If You Had $500 Credit To Spend On Huckberry: Easy. Sonos Play 1, Raen Optics Remmy 52, and a set of Brooklinen Luxe Sheets.

Bucket List Trip Or Adventure: I'm saving up for a trip to New Zealand. I don't have any dates on the books but it's the country I look forward to exploring most by leaps and bounds. The dramatic landscapes in Fiordland National Park are calling my name.

Best Customer Quote: "Speaking of my dog, if you guys can find the mercy to allow me to exchange these things I will — God as my witness — rename my dog Huckberry. Or maybe Huck. Or Barry. Or Huck Barry. You can decide." - David P. ...He actually did rename the puppy!

Favorite Brand Or Shop: I'm all about the Seven Sisters Jewelry collection at the moment. I love my Horizon Hand Knotted Necklace and the contrasting texture of the shiny metal and the woven chain. The Horizon Post earrings have also become my go-to studs when I'm wearing gold or brass. That’s me in the shop on the site!


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