The Nest

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Feb 9, 2013 | By Ky Moshrefi

If you ask us, the Swiss Family Robinson had it pretty sweet, and you'd be lying if you said you never wanted to live in a treehouse when you were a kid. Who are we kidding -- you'd be lying if you said you never wanted to live in a treehouse as an adult.

Fortunately, you're not the only one who had this idea. Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California has a variety of camping options, including The Nest, a sculptural wood structure made by Big Sur artist Jayson Fann, which can be all yours for $95 a night. 

Overlooking the rolling breakers of Big Sur, the Nest can accomodate two people and comes with a mattress and a couple of cushions. You bring the sheets, sleeping bags, and blanket to absorb the morning Pacific mist.

Since like a real bird's nest, the Nest isn't waterproof, the resort recommends pitching a tent at the base of the Nest in the event of an evening shower - an unlikely event on the dry Pacific coast.

However, the possibility of a little bit of moisture seems like a risk worth taking for an evening perched high above the Pacific and under a canopy of brilliant stars.

Photo credits: Pictures #1-3 via the travel journal of Sarah Sherman Samuel. Picture #4 via John Wise's blog. The commanlity between everyone who has spent a night in the Nest: they all plan to go back. Roger that.