The Muse of the Northwest

Ben Schuyler uses his iPhone to take pictures. What he captures will astound you.
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Apr 19, 2014 | By HB HQ

Ben Schuyler: Adventure Seeker, Praise Bringer, Coffee Crafter, Music Maker, Mobile Photographer.

As a Seattle based photographer, Ben Schuyler has become the Instagra-muse for everything Northwest USA. Artfully-crafting images of the mountains, waterways and beaches of his coastal stomping ground, Schulyer has us and the rest of his followers brimming with an adventurer’s lust.

Balancing a flourish of different professional pursuits, Ben is busy man. Founding curator of Northwest Handcrafted, a website that uncovers and highlights the craftspeople of the Pacific Northwest, he also manages an independent coffee shop and is a budding musician. When not working, he can be found sipping the grounds of a fresh brew, hiking the Cascades, or snapping frames along the salty Puget Sound. 

His photographs capture a natural sense of adventure while breathing a warm pallet of colors that produce an ambient nostalgia of explorations past. Highlighting the coastal features of his home, his feed is flooded with the well-watered flora, cascading falls and stark forest of Washington state’s most beloved attributes.

For more photos from Ben visit his Instagram at: @benschuyler.

Images ©: Ben Schuyler.