The Camper Bike

Hero camperbike02

Aug 10, 2013 | By David Ethier

Our assumption is that the resale value on late 80s Bounder models may have fallen as of late. Tragic. But with gas still on the rise, the Fleetwood's fuel to fun ratio is on the decline. So when we came across this vintage motorcycle camper, we were certain we’d found a diamond in the road-trip-rough.

Before teardrop trailers became the norm, an optimistic German inventor developed a concept bike meant to provide cyclists with the “same comforts as autoists.” Unfortunately, the camper bike never made it to production (which got us thinking: is camperbike even a word? unlikely; but it was a dream.) 

We’re going to blame its failure to launch on the combination of a 1930s motorcycle engine with a double bed, pantry, closets, cook stove, and roof rack. And the weight of a rider (and passenger). And the air resistance. You’d be halfway across NM before you got up to speed.

Sure, maybe it wasn’t practical. But, at least, we love the idea of it. How else could you realize the dream of becoming a traveling strongman, a la The Great Zampano?

Via The Knee Slider.