The Best Podcasts for Guys

This handy Huckberry primer will set your subscriptions straight on the best podcasts around
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Feb 3, 2015 | By HB HQ

Fellas, we want to know — what do you listen to on your morning commute? As the best way to kill time, drop knowledge, and be entertained on the daily, we've assembled a few of our personal favorite podcasts around Huckberry, but we'd love to hear about your favorites — shoot us an email, or leave it in the comments below.

odcasts — the ideal way for any man who commutes, cooks, or chops wood to come out on the other side of an hour smarter, better informed, and armed with an arsenal of anecdotes for any and every party you find yourself attending. Here are a few of our favorites we'd like to share with you — because no man should have to listen to Top 40 ever. Again.

Our assistant editor listens to one of these episodes on the bus every morning — at an hour long, they finish up just as he's walking into the office. Co-hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark have a strange and hilarious rapport, and you're sure to come away from the episode having learned something new. 

Recent episodes can teach you about everything from Nostradamus to the March on Washington to jugglingStuff You Should Know is a great way to make some time in your day to keep learning, even when it seems like you're too busy. Keep up with all their podcasts here.

What do you get when you mix whimsy, tragedy, and the occasionally just completely weird and messed up story about life in the good ol' USA? This American Life

For everyone else who grew up listening to NPR, tuning into This American Life every week is like taking one of the best, most familiar parts of your childhood and trasitioning it seamlessly into your adult life. Every themed episode is something of an emotional rollercoaster — you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll consider the pros and cons of moving to Europe. 

With more than a million downloads each week, This American Life's weekly podcast is often the most popular in the country. (It's got to be Ira Glass' voice.) Keep up with all the recent episodes here

"A show about curiosity" pretty much nails it on the head. Every two weeks, Jad Abrumrad and Robert Krulwich release their latest hour-long show about science, philosophy, and the human experience. 

We get by pretty well with words here at Huckberry, but we're not quite sure if we can be trusted around a Bunsen burner. Thankfully, Radio Lab has been putting science into laymen's terms for the past 13 seasons, with cool sound effects and awesome music to boot. One of our favorite episodes? Bliss. It'll make your morning when you hear the pure joy when Norwegian adventurer Aleksander Gamme unearths a double pack of Cheez Doodles he'd stashed for himself in the snow months earlier on his trek through Antarctica.

Find out more about Radio Lab — and subscribe to the podcasts — here. 

If you've ever had car trouble then you've probably tuned into — or maybe even called in yourself — Car Talk, NPR's equally informative and entertaining program about, well, car trouble. Hosted by MIT grads, mechanics, and brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi, the show has been on the air in some form or other for 37 years, and 4.4 million listeners tune in each week to hear the brothers' outrageous Boston accents and whole-body laughter.

The brothers stopped recording new episodes in 2012 and Tom Magliozzi passed away this past November, but even that won't stop Car Talk — each week, radio stations around the country continue to play favorite episodes in syndication. Find your own best of here

What really happened on January 13, 1999? Serial is trying — and getting pretty damn close, it would seem — to find out for sure. 

From the same producers behind This American LifeSerial is redefining what a podcast is. This isn't fluff; it's investigative journalism. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, each episode follows a murder case from 1999 where a high school student may or may not have been wrongfully accused of killing his girlfriend in Baltimore, Maryland. 15 months of reporting and 12 episodes later, millions of Americans are completely hooked. 

Listen to all of Season One here, and get ready for Season Two coming later in 2015. [H]

Remember, we want to hear about your favorite podcasts — tell us what you're listening to by sending us an email or leaving a comment below.