The 2017 Huckberry Grail Gift Guide

Fog in a bottle, a snowmobile motorcycle, and more gifts we hope we find under the tree (but know we won't)
December 14, 2017

Bruce Wayne's Batmobile. James Bond's Rolex. They're the Holy Grail of gifts, the gear and trips we covet the most — and yet their reach just exceeds our grasp, not to mention our wallets. We've spent the better half of the week here at Huckberry trading "dude, have you seen this?" emails until we came up with the best of the best. From private islands to a motorcycle snowmobile (snow-torcycle?) these are ten gifts on our list that we definitely won't be finding under the tree this year.


Price: TBD (but early estimates put this somewhere around $350,000)

Currently just a concept from Kahn Design, the new Flying Huntsman edition is fully loaded with the same burly diesel engine and X-lander front grille as its predecessor, but it also features a canvas drop top for warm nights cruising the savannah. 

2. Your Very Own Private Island


📍Katafanga Island, Fiji

Asking Price: $17,000,000.00

Don't have $17 million? Yeah, us neither. Never fear, you can also rent this private island for $395 a night. 


Private islands — they're not just for supervillians anymore. Katafanga is one of the last freehold islands in the South Pacific. Also known as the "Blue Lagoon," this island is home to untouched white sand beaches, and immediately surrounded by 5,000 acres of turquoise blue water to explore. The asking price is $17 million, but we bet there's some room for negotiation. 


3. Hangar One Fog Point Vodka

Price: $125 (Only available at certain locations)

Living in San Francisco, we're not the biggest fans of the dreary marine layer that always seems to be hanging over the city. But the brilliant folks at Hangar One found a way to capture the fog and use that fresh water to create a premium vodka. Premium wine sourced from a sustainable vineyard on the Central Coast is blended with this captured fog to create a crisp vodka fit for even the most discerning of palettes. It's currently sold out, but you can still get a taste at the California, New York, and Florida bars and restaurants at the bottom of this page

4. First Edition Copy of Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" 

Papa thinks you should pull the trigger. Here's a photo of him from his days in Key West. 


"The Old Man and the Sea" is one of Hemingway's most well known, and widely considered to be his greatest work. But unlike the flimsy paperback you probably remember from high school, this first edition hardcover will set you back almost two grand. It's definitely no bargain, but a small price to pay for this beauty of a book. 

Price: $1,800

Published: 1952





5. Catskiing Trip in British Columbia

📍British Columbia, Canada

Price: $1,000 a day

For the uninitiated, catskiing is similar in concept to heli-skiing – using robust equipment to carry you up towering mountain slopes towards normally unreachable destinations. Rather than transporting via chopper, catskiing takes advantage of ski hill grooming machines, an excellent logistical tool for accessing the backcountry. And with all the recent advancements in snowcats, you can climb steeper grades at faster speeds – so less time on ‘the lift’ and more time carving out fresh tracks on those uncharted triple black diamonds. Oh yeah, and Retallack also offers some pretty unreal mountain biking too. 


6. Commission an Oil Painting Portrait of Yourself


Nobilified let's you become your very own masterpiece and commision a regal portrait of yourself. Yep, you can become the Mona Lisa, American Gothic, or even the unruly sea god, Neptune. Hand painted with classic oils, you can forgo the painful hours of still life posing and simply send in a selfie that will forever be immortalized. Choose your favorite traditional portrait, and a skilled artist will superimpose your handsome mug right on. Some call it graffiti. We call it art.


Price: Starting at $180



7. Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 

Price: $350,000 - $500,000

There are few more iconic silhouettes than the Porsche 911, and there are few more legendary restorers and modifiers than Singer Vehicle Design. They've meticulously blended more than 75 custom colors that recall the palettes pioneered in the sixties and seventies to choose from, and will completely overhaul everything from the headlights to the exhaust with top-of-the-line technology. The only thing cooler than a Porsche, is a Porsche customized for you from the tires up.




“There’s no pricing for Christini’s II-Track Snow Bike system just yet, but since it’s an upgrade kit you’ll need to already have one of Christini’s AWD motorcycles in your garage, which start at around $8,400, to ensure that front tread gets the power it needs to plow through snow.”

— Gizmodo


If you’ve lived through winters near the Rockies, or anyplace where the altitude is high and the temperatures are low, then you know getting around by snowmobile is as common as taking the bus. We introduce a sleeker option, the perfect gift for your motor-head buddy who won’t stop talking about his ‘two-wheeled baby’. The II-Track Snow Bike system includes two powered treads, converting your ride into a half-motorcycle-half-snowmobile hybrid. We’d say the upgrade qualifies a spot in Batman’s winter mobile lineup.




9. Backcountry Hut Assembly Kit


Home is where you – build it? It is, now. Inspired by IKEA’s (sometimes) easy-to-assemble furniture, the founder of the Backcountry Hut Company designed these stylish pre-fabricated kits to build your own modular home wherever you want (or at least where you own land). Built with four key characteristics in mind: modular, easy-to-assemble, customizable, and sustainable – we’d be more than okay snagging a few kits of our own. We’d list a price, but you have to request a quote on their website… so we’re guessing they ain’t cheap.


10. Original Geoff McFetridge Painting


Price: Contact Gallery

Graphic designer and illustrator, Geoff McFetridge, has a hefty list of badass clients to his name. You can spot his prints gracing a pair of limited edition Nike Dunks, as well as Warby Parker’s storefront in Venice. He’s done album art for Jack Johnson and is totally at home in the surf-skate scene. He’s also starred in several solo gallery shows all around the world, continuing to blow us away with every project. With color blocking, simple shapes and overall minimal style, a McFetridge painting would look rad on any wall. If you're interested in getting a sense of pricing, this is a good place to start.


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