Provisions: Turkey Posole

Move over, turkey and mayo sandwiches. With this year's Thanksgiving leftovers, you're going to want to make this spicy posole
November 27, 2015Words by Kelsey BoytePhotos by Boyte Creative

I’ll just be straight with you: I’m team stuffing on Thanksgiving. No disrespect intended but, the bird is just… the bird. I’ve done the three-day brine, classic roast, and deep fry methods. This year I’m going rogue and trying my hand at spatchcocking. Cooking it and, incidentally, talking about how to cook it, is probably my only real interest in the poultry on T-day. 

Friday, though? The day after you professionally maneuvered conversations like “when are you going to settle down/when are you going to have babies” at the family table and have officially high-tailed it to the cabin with a tupperware of dark meat? I’m full of praise for next-day bird.

Every food blog and cooking magazine under the sun will have a suggestion on what to do with the leftovers, but I’m here to tell you: this Turkey Posole is the only recipe you’ll need for leftovers this year. Probably for the rest of your life. 

Posole (pozolé, pozolli) is a traditional Mexican soup made from hominy (dried maize kernels which have been treated with an alkali in a process called nixtamalization), with meat (usually pork), and can be seasoned and garnished with chili peppers, cabbage, salsa and limes and/or lemons.

Life is short and the weather is nippy, so don't waste leftovers on that standard (re: boring) cranberry-turkey sandwich. Give your relatives something to talk about with this cozy, life-altering riff on traditional posole. [H]

Click the recipe to open in a new tab — it's the perfect size to print out and keep in your kitchen.

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