See You Out There: Yosemite

Two days and 38 miles through prime California real estate - Julian Bialowas and Kyle Frost take Yosemite.
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Jun 6, 2014 | By HB HQ & Julian Bialowas Kyle Frost

When Huckberry contributors Julian Bialowas and Kyle Frost told us of their plans to hike 38 miles in less than 2 days in Yosemite over Memorial Day Weekend, we were envious to say the least. To help us live vicariously from our desk chairs, we thought it would be fun to have Julian and Kyle take the controls of our Instagram account in "real time" so that we could all relive their epic adventure along the way. 

We’ve compiled a collection from their trip and let these two camera-wheeling explorers provide a little insight on long weekend trip through the California mountain range. Enjoy Julian and Kyle's play-by-play recap, below.

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"Like most, we don't have the luxury of escaping out to the mountains whenever we please we're both designers with full time positions during the week. So when the weekend comes, we don't waste any time. This weekend wasn't any different, we left San Francisco at 4.45am to be on the Mono pass trialhead in Tuolume Meadows by 10am."

"It's still early in the season for high country hiking, so had many overflowing rivers and creeks to cross before we started gaining elevation and reaching the still persistent snow." 

"It didn't take long to hit the snow, 3 miles in and we're already crunching through the stuff over Parker Pass."

"Starting to gain some elevation, looking out into Nevada from the approach to the base of Koip Pass from Parker Pass." 

"Approaching the base of Koip Pass (That tops out at 12,260ft). The top always looks closer than it is when hiking, we were still at least 2 hours away from the top at this point." 

"So close, yet so far. One last stop to catch our breath before pushing to the top of Koip Pass (12,260ft)." 

"Reaping the rewards of the long push to the top of Koip Pass, and trying to forget that our day is only halfway through." 

"Taking it all in. Spot the Huckberry Explorer's Cap." 

"How many more miles do we have to go today?" 

"We lost the trail up over Gem Pass due to the snow, so we scrambled our way up to the top." 

"Final view before we made our way down to Gem Lake just before sunset. We made it to the lake at 9pm, where we quickly put up the tent, cooked dinner and called it a night after an insanely long 18 mile day." 

"The final 10 miles through Lyell Canyon were brutal, the only thing I could think of was the In-N-Out Burgers waiting for us in Manteca. We finally made it back to the car just before 7pm for the long drive back to SF. With 38 miles done in under two days, we were insanely sore, insanely tired but already thinking about where next weekend would take us. (Only after eating those burgers, of course.)" 

Images: Julian Bialowas , Kyle Frost