Style Icon: Paul Newman

This summer we’re channeling the Hollywood legend in shades and stripes
June 13, 2019Words by Miranda Smith

Paul Newman—a ‘60s Hollywood heartthrob, philanthropist, racecar driver, salad-dressing authority, and eight-time Acadamy Award nominee for best actor in films like Cat on a Hot Tin RoofThe Hustler, and Cool Hand Lukeand if you ask us, he deserves as many nominations for his unwaveringly cool style.

From his iconic and seemingly effortless tuxedo at the ‘63 Venice Film Festival to the dirty prison uniform he miraculously made stylish in Cool Hand Luke in ‘67, Paul Newman could wear the hell out of just about anything. And the look we’re drawing inspiration from right now wasn’t debuted in his ‘60s heydey—Newman rocked this stripes-and-shades outfit in Palm Beach in 1983, looking sharp as ever at 58 years old. The only thing we’ll update in our rendition: a little linen to keep us cool in the summer heat. 

Paul Newman in stripes in 1983



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