Spiral Cellars

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Jan 30, 2013 | By Andy

So you have money. Some real money. Pinkie to the mouth millions of dollars type of thing. You have the mountain home. A yacht named 'Lassie'. A pet giraffe named 'Lassie'. And of course, a valet named Carson. Yet despite it all, you wake up at night with an empty feeling, like running your tongue over an extracted tooth. "How do I fill this gap", you ask?

Might we recommend a spiral cellar? Taking a page from the trap doors of medieval times and inspired by the spiral staircases in French aqueducts, Spiral Cellars builds underground wine storage that are sure to be the toast of any swanky gathering.

Artfully eye-catching, the cellars are necessary interior adjuncts for any home vying to be featured in the pages of Architectural Digest. All it takes is five days of construction and anywhere from $16,000 to $40,000 to score serious sophistication. It’s on you to build up a collection of vino worthy of the storage space. With cellars large enough to store up to 1600 bottles, you may need to give yourself a head start.