Shelter: Sunset Cabin

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Jan 6, 2014 | By Nicholas Pell

You're hiking through the woods in Ontario, Canada. As you approach the edge of Lake Simcoe you see something out of place. Could it be? Sleek, modern architecture? Here? In the middle of the woods? 

Regular readers know that such things are more likely than you'd think. And now, the latest entry in the trend of architecturally stunning cabins built for your resident nemophilist? The Sunset Cabin.

It may be only 275 square feet, but that's more than enough when you’re heading out to write, study or relax and gather your thoughts away from the city. The sparse trees and lake view surrounding the cabin are reminiscent of childhood days tromping around the nearby wood.

Unsurprisingly, the cabin is a place built by the owners to get away from it all. The interesting part is that "it all" was just up the hill, where the couple have their main cabin. Enamored with the view over the lake, they decided to set up this small, permanent structure down by the water.

The exterior has a futuristic edge to it without appearing ostentatious. Wooden slats gird the cabin, providing some shade during the day, as well as privacy around the clock. And, because the slats are made of cedar, they will slowly turn to a silvery gray, blending in more with the natural environment.

Which lines up with the cabin’s construction. It was built specifically not to disturb the natural beauty that surrounds it, being prefabricated in Toronto, then moved to the site and constructed in only 10 days.

Inside, classic and understated hardwood floors will have you reaching for your slippers before getting out of bed. Floor-to-ceiling windows dominate three of the four walls. Sunlight cascades through the slats providing you your daily dose of vitamin D without venturing into the harsh Canadian countryside. 

A green roof sporting natural, local flora and a wood burning stove increase a sense of separation from the swarming hive of urban life. In all, this little dynamo of a retreat is proof that you don't need a lot of space to get the most out of landscape—and a view.

House by Taylor Smyth Architects.

Images ©A Frame Studio.