Shelter: PodHouse

An ultimate micro-home that boasts an infinite number of possibilities.
Hero podhouse

Feb 24, 2014 | By Chase Pellerin

Simple, earth loving, miniature, and modular–the PODhouse by the Swiss design firm, Robust Outdoor Brands, is the culmination of an efficiently streamlined design with the implementation of an ideal “pick-and-plot” homestead. The result is the ultimate in micro homes that boast an infinite amount of possibilities.

Whether used as backyard office, a cozy guesthouse, or a secret getaway for you and the misses, this is could be your next home away from home. The POD, which has been in development since 2003, has gone through the rigors of continued testing, improvements, and optimization in order to ensure the highest quality, construction and overall flexibility of shelter.

Built to sustain every climate, the PODhouse was also designed with nature in mind. The home uses 100% FCS certified wood, which means it’s Mother Nature approved. The larch wood used, which is native to cold temperatures of the northern hemisphere (i.e Russia, Canada), takes the brunt of the weather as the exterior of the home. While the pine interior offers that classic rustic look, sealed tight from the elements.

With double glass windows and doors and integrated insulation in the roof (wall) and the floor, this home offers some of the same commodities you’d expect from a modern home. Electrically wired and easily transportable with forklift-tested iron beams at the base, the POD can literally be placed wherever you want. 

Easily the most alluring aspect of the home, its sturdy build and overall size removes a lot of the leg work when it comes to choosing where to place your POD, which opens doors to locations and environments you would have never thought of before.

Sure, you can’t necessarily live comfortably for extended periods of time in a space like this (there's no plumbing or cooking set up), but if you park it near a river and dig a deep enough hole to do your business, you’ll quickly develop a new sense of comfort with a home designed to be a part of nature, not an imposition.

Images ©: Markus Zimmerman via Ignant.