Shelter: Overwater Cabin, Pune Lakeside, India

This quaint getaway in Western India straddles both land and water
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Sep 15, 2014 | By Alex Zimmer

International design group, Design Workshop, has found a way to combine beautiful, minimalist Danish architecture with the utilitarian expression in outdoor cabins, and have done so in an exotic spot in Southwestern India. Constructed from wood strips and paneled walls that transmit the passage of both air and light, the cabin blends itself perfectly into the lightly wooded scenery of the Pune Lakeside.  

The cliff-hanging home, accurately named, “Over Water,” is neither too large nor too small. The architects of Design Workshop constructed a living area and bedroom into a singular sun-lit room with a bathroom and shower, tactfully built-into the corner.

Possibly the most attractive aspect of this new take on a cabin is the view from the under the covers.  As you crawl into bed for the evening and look out over the lake, you're greeted by an enormous sky, and a blanket of stars, whose light sets the lake aglow. In the morning, as the sun comes shining in through the slotted walls, you look over your balcony onto the large blue lake just waiting for your pre-breakfast swim.  

At the Pune Lakeside house, you can sleep with the comfort of a Ritz-Carlton bed, but a proximity to nature that feels like a campsite in Patagonia. 

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