Shelter: Normandy House

This picturesque farmhouse could only belong to the French countryside
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Sep 22, 2014 | By Brandon Workman

In the fields memorialized by Saving Private Ryan, idyllic towns and villages dot the landscape. The cinema scenes are true to form – cows, apple trees, meadows, cider really do call Normandy home.  

In St. Honoré, one of those idyllic villages, sits a long, narrow, brick home with a thatched roof. It’s exactly the kind of picturesque cottage one would want for a countryside escape, whether for a weekend, a month, or forever. It’s at once a relaxing refuge and a creativity-inspiring studio. 

That’s exactly what partners Sidney and Emmanuel, who purchased the home in a state of disrepair and renovated it, found there. The huge fireplace, the garden, and the focal-point kitchen demand a life lived at a slower place. But it’s also served as a launching point.

From his Normandy home, Sidney discovered a passion for cider, which soon turned into craft, and ultimately into a noted Berlin restaurant that serves only cider. 

The stuff of romance for many, Sidney and Emmanuel escaped the hustle and bustle of Parisian city life and found home in the countryside. 

An evening by this St. Honoré fireplace, especially with ample cider, is sure to make even today’s never-stop jetsetter slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. And Sidney’s path has shown exactly where that can lead. 

Images ©: Sidney Kristiansen