Shelter: Byron Bay Beach House

Winter got you down? Escape to this beautiful home on the Australian coastline
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Jan 12, 2015 | By HB HQ

Well, it's official. We've passed the point of no-return. We're in the depths of winter where the depths of temperature are only matched by the depths of our morale as we wait for another powder day. 

Understandably so, it's about this time of year that we start to dream longingly of white sandy beaches and warm oceans, and try our best to remember what the sun feels like. Thankfully, that's when we stumbled across this unbelievable beach house located right on the water in Byron Bay, Australia. Good news, gents. It's summer in the southern hemisphere.

Davis Architects has created a contemporary home that's designed to take advantage of the yearlong sub-tropical climate in Byron Bay, the easternmost part of Australia rounding into the clear blue waters of the Coral Sea. The Byron Bay Beach House features an open-air design complete with floor to ceiling windows, covered terraces, and breezeways. Even when you're inside, you feel outside — a coastal living trend that we fully support. 

A generous covered patio space lets you duck into the shade after a dip in the pool, and the second story breezeway windows lined with wooden shutters that keep glare to a minimum. The in-ground pool also serves as the focal point of the backyard space, and is encircled by comfortable outdoor furniture for laying out and catching a few rays.

Intent on using locally-sourced materials, the architects behind the house made sure to incorporate plenty of hardwoods, timber, and sandstone into the design, giving the Beach House a decidedly Australian coast feel. 

Expecting a few guests? (With a house like this, who wouldn't be?) Welcome them to their entirely self-contained two-story terrace house, where your company can relax in private before joining you for a couple poolside beers at sunset. 

Needless to say, this has "Huckberry winter retreat" written all over it. We don't mind sharing rooms. [H]