Sci-fi Steampunk

Hero steampunk 9

Jan 9, 2013 | By Maryam

Although it may sound like it, steampunk actually isn’t a subgenre of punk music. It is, however, a subgenre of science fiction wherein authors and artists create alternate histories of Nineteenth Century Victorian culture, changed by the propagation of steam-powered machinery. Artist Vadim Voitekhovitch’s steampunk oil paintings re-imagine the past in such a way that almost makes you think it was how the nineteenth century actually went down, flying airships and all.

Matching his attention to the realistic details of Victorian cityspaces and their inhabitants with his meticulous attention to the mechanical details of the grand fictitious machines, Voitekhovitch’s paintings depict a wild and weird world of “what if?” 


For more of Voitekhovitch's work - steampunk and not - visit his website. Via Visual News.