Provisions: Sonoma Rye Whiskey

We whip up three of our favorite whiskey cocktails to beat the late summer heat — all with Sonoma County Distilling Co.’s finest rye
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Aug 11, 2015 | By Liv Combe

here’s nothing like a mid-afternoon cocktail break to mix things up at the office. Which is why we’ve headed over on more than one occasion to shake up a few drinks with Vince Toscano, the master bartender at Rye for the past five years. (His favorite drink to make? “Whatever you want to drink,” he says. “Seriously.”) This time around, we brought over some goodies for him to work with — a bottle of rye whiskey, courtesy of our friends up at Sonoma County Distilling Co.

“We sell the most of this bottle,” says Vince. No surprise, given a) the bar’s name, and b) the quality of this whiskey — it’s 98 proof, unmalted, and “really young and really nice,” says Vince. “Most whiskeys are buying all their juice from a distillery in Indiana. The guys at Sonoma County don’t do that.”

We jotted down some thoughts and snapped a few photos as Vince created three drinks, each highlighting different notes of the Sonoma rye. The Sonoma Patio, a riff off the traditional Tom Collins, uses ripe, in-season peaches; the Highway 12 is a sour cocktail with a modern twist, using lime instead of lemon; and Stirred Cocktail #37 features a hard hit of Fernet, a classic San Francisco liqueur.

We've done the taste testing for you — now go mix them up at home. (And if you're missing a few key bar tools, you can pick them up right here.) [H]

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