Russian Skywalkers

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Dec 17, 2012 | By Jeff

These kids are kind of nuts. Call it daring-do or call it dare-devilism. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not acrophobia.
“Skywalking” is the latest trend to hit the Moscow teen scene. These skywalkers – not of the Luke variety – scale buildings, bridges, and monuments hundreds of storeys high, just for the hell of it. To top it off, they do it without any safety gear. Not that a helmet would help them from a fall from these heights.
They do, however keep a camera in tote, an important point of their extreme urban climbing being to capture the stunning views from such terrifying heights and post them online. The community of Russianskywalkers is estimated at around 200, with each one adding their own photographic style and quirk. In addition to the precarious climb, Skywalkers often have to trespass to gain access to the city’s towering structures. Once they reach the top, the daring-est of the daring take it to the edge, with the chance of is only the slightest misstep away.
The pictures and videos above are from Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov, two prominent Skywalkers in the Moscow skywalking scene. Their websites are obviously in Russian; thankfully, there pictures are worth more than a thousand words. 
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