One-bag Adventure Essentials

Eight packing tips from the Huckberry community for traveling light but in luxury
April 25, 2018Words by Veronica SederPhotos by Brendan O'Connor

Here at Huckberry we have a program where every four years employees get a month-long sabbatical to recharge — it’s up you whether you adventure around the world, finally write that book, or lay in the hammock in your backyard for weeks on end (P.S. — we’re hiring).

Ben O’Meara, our head of brand partnerships, is back in the office after his month-long sabbatical in Thailand (and boy, did we miss him). 

Part of Ben's job description is "making friends for Huckberry." He takes this very seriously. 

While he was eating pad thai by the plateful in Bangkok and throwing back ice-cold Changs on the beaches of Ao Tapao, we took to Instagram to ask you for your essential one-bag travel tips. Some are simple (we've found that the simplest things are sometimes the most important) and others we never would have thought of ourselves (like doing laundry in a dry sack). 

See below for what Ben brought with him, and read on for a few picks from the Huckberry community of the must-pack items for your next one-bag adventure.


Hat or cap 

Dealer’s choice, but I love @cieleathletics hats (technical fabric, lightweight, and great designs) and, of course, the infamous @huckberry Explorer’s Cap.


Deck of cards

You'll make instant friends, and if your luggage falls out the back of the tuk-tuk, you can always hustle your way back to respectability.


Reusable cutlery

I always carry a thermos and a set of stainless cutlery. They allow me to reduce my waste and I don’t have to worry about whether I have a spoon in my to-go order at the airport.





Stay hydrated. Alcohol doesn't count.



It’s so fun to look back on all of the experiences I had, the things I learned, and the amazing people I met along the way. Now I never travel without one.



Dry sack

Bring a lightweight dry sack. It's not only good for keeping your things dry, but can also be used for washing your clothes in your room—fill it with water and detergent and let your clothes soak in it.


Quick dry underwear

Quick dry/technical underwear is great—wash it in the hotel sink at night and in the morning it's clean and ready to go.




Small med kit

You never know when you'll need to help another person in need.


Here are some of our favorite travel products to get you ready for your next one-bag adventure. 


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