Thank You, Mom

The Huckberry team celebrates the women who raised us
May 11, 2019Words by Huckberry Staff

What can we say to our mothers? For the women who raised us, took us to soccer practice, and taught us to tie our shoes, words just don’t cut it. So instead we’ve got photos to illustrate the love, support, and inspiration for which we want to thank our moms this Mother’s Day

Didi's mom

Evan Didi

“From a very early age, my mom established that getting outdoors was essential. Growing up in Maine with an abundance of outdoor activities surrounding us, it came pretty naturally (not having cable TV also helped). Here we are at Arches National Park, one of the many stops along a grand Southwest family road trip. I still remember those views—and grabbing mom’s hand tightly to avoid falling over the edge!”

— Evan Didisheim, Growth Marketing

Mama Harper

Lyndsay Harper

“No matter where our interests have taken us, my mom has always given us her unflinching, wholehearted support. She’s sat through countless track meets, scuba diving lessons, and hours of photographing failed surf sessions. It was actually hard to find the perfect photo of her, because she’s always been the one looking out for us. ”

— Lyndsay Harper, Editorial

Brandon's Mom

Brandon Dang

“Growing up in Northern California I definitely took for granted that we were surrounded by amazing natural landscapes just a few hours away—Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, and Yosemite to name a few. I honestly don’t remember this trip, my first to Yosemite, but I’ll forever be grateful that my mom continued to take us back to these places because eventually her love for them, and a deep appreciation for the outdoors, stuck with me.”

— Brandon Dang, Growth Marketing

Corinne's mom

Corinne Henk

“When I was growing up, my mom was a confident businesswoman during the week and a mountain biker on the weekends. I was a deeply shy and indoorsy kid, afraid of even riding my bike around the block. The one naturally adventurous aspect of my personality? My sense of style. My mom always encouraged me to express myself through my outfits, bizarre as they were to onlookers. With my mom’s support, I learned to march to the beat of my own drum and embrace my truest self.”

— Corinne Henk, Tech

Mama Jamie

Jamie Caton

“This photo was taken in Glacier Gorge, near Estes Park in Colorado. We went there to visit my mom’s friend who lives in Boulder and basically spent an entire time hiking all over Colorado. She’s the fastest walker in our family and the fastest hiker, too. She can just go. go. go.”

— Jamie Caton, Design

Rich's mom


“My Mom always made sure family vacations included just enough adventure to get me fired up and want to explore more (and to make sure I didn’t lose my mind at the fourth history museum of the family trip). I’m grateful that she instilled a love of travel and sense of adventure at an early age—something I hope to instill in my family. She’s also a trendsetter—putting me in Tevas with socks back in ‘95.”

— Richard Greiner, Co-founder

Grace's mom

Grace Herr

“My mom is crazy creative. Whenever we see something interesting she always says ‘we can make that.’ It was so fun growing up creating with her, willing things into existence with your hands, and repurposing old objects into new pieces. From the finger painting she did with me as a little kid to full-on home renovation, she can do it all. She taught me anything can be a DIY. And how fun and rewarding it is to get your hands dirty and come out the other side with something beautiful.”

— Grace Herr, Buying

Kaylee's mom

Kaylee Talbott

“I love this dopey disposable camera photo of my mom and me standing on the Tennessee-North Carolina State Line in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That summer my family bought a shitty RV and we drove it from Ohio to the Florida Keys with no agenda making random stops all along the way. I celebrated my 13th birthday in Key West.”

— Kaylee Talbott, Customer Experience 

Mama Bryson

Bryson Malone

“After 20-odd years of writing Mother’s Day cards, I still have not found the words to adequately convey my gratitude. My mom has relentlessly loved me throughout my life and encouraged me to become exactly who I want while shaping the values and work ethic that have formed me as a person.” (Read Bryson’s letter to his mom after their mother-son hike through the Sierra Nevadas.)

— Bryson Malone, Design 

Matt's Mom

Matt Phelps

“We spent countless days in the ocean as kids. We would load up into our green minivan, make a quick stop at our favorite saltwater taffy place, and speed to the coast. The first thing my mom would do—which she still does to this day—is jump into the water, flip onto her back and kick out into the ocean. I’m pretty sure she was made to be in the water. Every time my feet touch the sand and I see the Pacific, I think of my mom.”

— Matt Phelps, Buying 

Trish's mom

Trish Hood

“My Mom is a very hard worker and is always devoting her time to some project or event, so she has developed a true talent for making the most of a good day trip. This day pictured was no different. My mother picked me up from Phoenix on my birthday, drove us to Flagstaff, and we hiked Mount Humphreys which is the highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet. She has led by example and showed me that being adventurous is all about your mindset, and not limited to the amount of time you have.”

— Trish Hood, Customer Experience 

Miranda's mom

Miranda Smith

“Growing up, people would stop my mom and me at the grocery store to tell us we looked like twins. Ever the stubborn, angsty kid, I spent much of my childhood trying to shake the nickname ‘Little Kari.’ Now a little wiser, I recognize my mom’s impressive patience, compassionate heart, and goofy sense of humor, and I finally see that I could do well to be a little more like mom.” 

— Miranda Smith, Content Marketing

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