More than Wallpaper

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Jun 11, 2013 | By HB HQ

Not sure about you, but during our workweek, we spend extended periods of time staring at a screen. We hear Wendell Berry echoing in the back of our heads (Live a three-dimensioned life / stay away from screens), we see the world outside our windows, and we occasionally go outside (lunch anyone?). But at the end of the day, the show has to go on, and it’s back to the theater of the backlit screen. 

To keep image ubiquity at bay, we like to cycle through compelling images that remind us there’s life beyond our MacBooks. It’s something to keep from monotony, and it helps maintain inspiration when the well of super-creativity runs a little dry. We’ve assembled five of our favorite sources of inspiration (with upgraded prefixes), and we hope they’ll spice up your desktop and keep those right-brain neurons firing.



The good people at The Fox is Black keep your desktop wallpaper current and hip. A while back, they started an arts project named The Desktop Wallpaper Project, and we’re a little obsessed. Looking for something rad to show you’re up on recent trends? Look no further. 


Sometimes perspective’s what you need—a feeling you’re small, in the grand scale of things. NASA is always ready to remind you of your minuscule presence, and they’ve paired up with Flickr for an amazing NASA Common’s page. From archival to contemporary, there’s something for every office cosmonaut.


Our friends at Unreal Hawaii make us jealous. They flaunt hi-res island-porn, most likely only to remind us that their lives are better. To separate the sting, we enjoy the vintage Hawaiian shots, but their site has appeal for any style of island daydreaming. Mahalo nui loa. (also check out flickr: coastalcreature for amazing surf-related photographs)


We’ve written about Cabin Porn before, but by our values, too much of a good thing is still a good thing. When urban life gets a little stuffy, we always look to these photos to take us into the fresh air and quiet stillness of the great outdoors. The weekend has never felt so close.


Everything the Museum of Photographic Arts puts out is pretty damn cool, but we’re currently feeding on a steady diet of Samuel Bourne. His expansive landscapes give us the fever for some old-time adventure, and the only solution is, well, more Samuel Bourne (also check out their awesome portraits of Native Americans).