Hangin' with Jamestown Revival

Beer, whiskey, and backstage passes - live music never sounded so good.
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Jun 28, 2014 | By Jon Gaffney

Music is essential at Huckberry HQ. With a set of speakers on a side table, each day is an iPhone roulette with the whole team taking turns playing office DJ. A band that's been making more and more appearances on the playlist is Jamestown Revival. 

While the name belies a large group, it's actually two longtime friends, Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. They sound great running over the Ceramic Speakers at HQ, but they ROCK live...

A few weeks ago, we got the call to go see and meet Jonathan and Zach - and we couldn't have been more excited. Aside from being a regular on the Huckberry jukebox, they're a Huckberry style band. Their Instagram account, in addition to the expected music photos, is littered with shots of camping, fishing, the outdoors, and some seriously sweet hats. 

Jonathan built out an old prison bus into their tour van, #vanlife indeed. Plus, to record their debut album (Utah) they holed up in a cabin in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and laid down their 14 tracks. 

We arrived at the Great American Music Hall hoping just to get a few photos and maybe fifteen minutes with Jamestown Revival to ask some questions. Armed with a duffle of California's finest microbrews, we headed down to the green room and ended up staying quite a while. Zach and Jonathan hung out with us all the way till show time. They were two of the most genuine guys we've had the chance to meet. 

We talked about the beginning of their friendship growing up in Magnolia, TX, the intricacies of wiring your own van (prepare to shock yourself a few times), the finer points of a good hat, and how they fit their love of the outdoors into a busy touring schedule (stream side campouts). Beers were had and the whiskey came out. And when show time came, they brought the house down. We'll let the photos do the rest of the story telling, but if Jamestown Revival is coming close to your town, we'd highly recommend snagging a ticket soon. These guys are going to be big.