Introducing Kevin Russ: The Ansel Adams of the iPhone

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Apr 22, 2013 | By Andy

We follow 120-and-change people on Instagram (we're @Huckberry). Kevin Russ may very well be our favorite.

The full-time traveller and explorer is currently criss-crossing the American West, capturing the vistas, landmarks, people, and animals on his iPhone 5, and sharing the photos with his over 80k Instagram followers.

From the sad eyes of a wounded coyote to the playful canter of wild mustangs, Russ' photos capture the often unseen moments in nature and exude a strong sense of time and place.

He shoots primarily with the iPhone 5's native camera, and edits the photos with apps like Afterlight. To get a photo right, Russ notes:

Sometimes I take a while and shoot 5-10 shots of the same thing but other times it’s real quick or from the car. Overall though, I’m fast and only spend a couple minutes on a scene before I move on. For the animals it’s the same way. Sometimes I see them from afar and take my time coming up to them but other times I just happen upon them and only have one or two shots to take before they run away.

Despite never having taken a photography class, Russ' popularity online has allowed him to support himself by selling his work on sites like Society 6 and Stocksy.

Once his current tour of the American West concludes (a map of which is below), Russ plans to head to the East Coast or Central/South America in 2014.

Wherever the wind blows Kevin Russ next, thanks to Instagram, we'll be sitting shotgun every step of the way.

You can (should) follow Kevin Russ' journey on Instagram and Tumblr. His work is available for purchase on Society6. Shameless plug: follow Huckberry on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.