Introducing Huckberry On The Road

Exploring America and documenting its makers, bakers, movers and shakers
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Aug 15, 2014 | By HB HQ

Our mission from the beginning has always been to inspire more active, adventurous, and stylish lives. But as Huckberry has grown, so has our belief that you can only accomplish so much from behind a computer — a Jedi draws its strength from the Force, after all. 

More simply put, we want to meet you and drink beers with you. So last December we launched the Huckberry Holiday Home, and were blown away by the response. A few months later, we followed that up with our Explorer's Grants, which generated almost 2k entries and inspired us to make the Explorer's Grants a recurring series (cough, Explorer's Grants 2.0 with Chris Burkard, cough, Fall 2014). All of which brings us to our latest adventure...

Introducing Huckberry On The Road

This weekend, Huckberry will hit the road with @TheVanMan, and his girlfriend @SheExplores, to tour the country, hoist a few with the Huckberry community, and document America's makers, bakers, movers, and shakers. We hope the trip will be one big, inspirational karmic loop — one that'll be fueled by @TheVanMan providing inside looks into the lives of the men and women behind some of our favorite Huckberry brands and stories, as well as by Huckberry meet-ups, pop-up sales, trail runs, bar crawls, you name it (No, literally. Want us to come to your city? Have an idea for an event or someone we should profile on the Journal? Shoot a note to [email protected]).

Follow Huckberry On The Road: @Huckberry @TheVanMan 

It's a trip we've wanted to undertake since we started Huckberry, and when we met Jon Gaffney aka @TheVanMan, we knew we'd found the perfect driver and adventure buddy. 

Meet the man behind @TheVanMan:

Name: Jon Gaffney

Age: 30

College: University of New Hampshire

Currently: Touring the country with @Huckberry and @SheExplores

Previously: Senior Strategist at Isobar. Contributor at Gear Patrol and Valet Mag

Favorite Huckberry purchase: GORUCK GR1

Favorite book: Lord of the Rings

Favorite band: LCD Soundsystem

Everyday carry:

Mode of Transportation: 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500

Huckberry On The Road and @TheVanMan is likely coming to a city near you. If you live near Denver, we hope you'll join us next Thursday, August 21 for the Huckberry On The Road Kick-off Party hosted by our good friends, Topo Designs. Space is limited so RSVP here!

And of course don't forget to follow Huckberry On The Road by tuning into our Journal, and following @Huckberry and @TheVanMan on Instagram, so we can share updates, insight, and party invites from the road.

See you out there, fellas.

Images ©: Jon Gaffney and Gale Straub