Huckberry x Courage Performance

We travel to San Mateo, on a Friday afternoon, to voluntarily rock our bodies.
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Mar 11, 2014 | By HB HQ

We workout. Occasionally. Some more than others. A few none at all—I’m looking at you, Michael. And when (read: if) we workout, we don’t go halfway. We go beastmode. Nay, we are the beastmaster.

Josh Courage, whose name alone inspires perspiration, had us down to his house of pain and suffering. We went willingly. We fought hard. He told us we did well (he’s generous). Our lungs burned and the lactic acid flowed like a flooded Mississippi (if we had our STR/KE MOVEMENT gear on, like Josh, it may have gone better). Below, he gives us a run down of the hazy workout we completed. We remember some of it (resting, water breaks), rather fondly.

Full disclosure: Josh tends to be have the disposition of most trainers we’ve met—that optimistic, energetic, you-never-fail-you-just-ran-out-of-time take on life. He sent us a recap of our time together. The facts were the same, but the experience was not (we remembered so much more suffering). So, we decided to provide [commentary] on Josh’s overly gracious recap:

On a bright Friday afternoon, while most 9-5ers were getting out of work early to head to their happy hours [sounds idyllic], the entire Huckberry crew took the trek down the 101 to San Mateo. There, off the Hillsdale exit, is the 5,000 square foot warehouse [torture chamber] that is the home of Courage Performance.

We started off by going over the Courage Performance methodology: learn to move better, build strength and power within that good movement, and have fun! [note: fun comes last] That established, it was time to get the blood flowing and get the body understanding larger ranges of motion [than sitting politely at a desk].

A good active warm up—where the body moves through all planes of motion—supports proper joint mobility, fires up the muscles, and gets a good sweat going [we thought beer did this as well, but the research doesn't agree]. It’s how things always start, and then it was on to the fun [he uses the term loosely; we don’t agree with the verbiage].

Because of the group size, I had something dynamic planned out: a collection of exercises put together to build some strength, move dynamically, and get that heart rate up [to boiling]. The crew moved through the movements at a great pace with some 80’s rock/pop rocking them along [or, in some cases, preventing them from collapse]. The energy was intense [somewhere near bocci tournament levels]! Squats, lunges, TRX rows, push ups, box jumps, sandbags, sled pushes, burpess, the crew was ready for the throwdown [and, occasionally thought of throwing up]!

But we couldn’t finish there [we could have]. It is customary at Courage Performance to have a little “Friday Fun-Day,” so we put together an obstacle course for everyone to run through to celebrate the end of a tough work week [humble brag: editorial team turned in the #1 and #2 times]. Hurdle jumps, wall climbs, flips, bar traversing, and a bear crawl sprint brought out the competitive spirit in everyone and the best part: the whole crew had huge smiles while pushing themselves harder than they could have imagined [this is true].

We finished off with a group challenge where the whole team had to hold a plank position while one at a time each person did a quick sprint across the turf [the best for last!]. It was a good final strength exercise to cap off the session, then a quick stretch and everyone was off to enjoy their Friday night and weekend [we were sore, and in bed, by 8:30PM].

Special thanks to Josh Courage for hosting our nimble bodies. And, special, special thanks to Josh for turning us on to STR/KE MOVEMENT, which, lucky for the fit, is now available in our shop.

Images ©: Huckberry, by Jeff Masamori.