Huckberry: Get FIt

Some fitness reads, tunes, and tips we think are worth your workout while.
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Mar 11, 2014 | By HB HQ

The gym is the last frontier of style. We're working with our buddies at Taylor Stitch to change that (more to come later) and along the way have discovered some great new fitness gear, tech, tunes and tips which we've edited into a special Get Fit edition.

We like to think it's the type of edition Paul Newman would have paged through on a Saturday morning before heading to the gym to hit the bag and skip some rope—a shop filled with smart, stylish gym gear that doesn't look like it collided with a bucket of neon paint.

Below are some highlights from the Get Fit shop, along with the workout reads, tunes, and tips we think are worth your while.

Str/ke Movement: Our trainer aka kicker-of-Huckberry-butts turned us onto these guys, and we're loving the Rocky Balboa throwback vibe.

Win Detergent: We sweat. A lot. Thankfully, Win laundry detergent gets all of the sweat and oils out of our athletic gear. FTW!

Misfit: This little thing is the most elegant yet accessible cardio tracker on the market today. 

Cedar Balls: The death knell of stinky gym bags. Did we mention they're included with every purchase (for free) in the Get Fit shop?

Drink Tea, Not Coffee: Before your next workout, try Samovar's California Persian Black tea. It'll keep you energized without the jitters of coffee.

DIY Icepack: Sore and don't have an ice pack? Pour 1 part rubbing alcohol, 3 parts water into a ziplock bag.

Easiest Workout There Is: Drinking water throughout the day means you ingest up to 9% less calories. More healthy habits here. Awesome water bottles here.

Rehydrate: Recovering from a killer workout? Try Drip Drop, an electrolyte mix that absorbs 3x faster than water. It also works like a charm on hang overs.

The Scots marched into battle accompanied by pipes. The Greeks fought while listening to music in the Dorian mode. Our art director, Jeff, runs while listening to Music for 18 Musicians.

Whatever is on your workout playlist, shoot for songs with around 120-140 beats per minute to get the heart up.

Here's our workout playlist.


Shop our top picks in the Get Fit shop here.

And remember, fellas: never save anything for the swim back.

Images ©: Huckberry by Jeff Masamori.