Huckberry Book Club: Harry Fricker

Huckberry Ambassador Harry Fricker lets us in on his favorite reads
November 11, 2018Words by Harry FrickerPhotos by Harry Fricker

Welcome to the Huckberry Book Club. This month, we’ve got Harry Fricker—Co-Founder and Creative Director of Arvin Goods and Huckberry Ambassador—keeping you inspired with three of his favorite adventure reads. Read along with us and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

The Old Patagonian Express by Paul Theroux

The Old Patagonia Express

“I had arrived in Patagonia, and I laughed when I remembered I had come here from Boston, on a subway train that people take to work.”

A story that has been picked up by many but only completed by few—this is a journey you wish you could have been part of. It follows author Paul Theroux’s adventure from Massachusetts to Patagonia via rail—a trip that is no longer possible. At end of the ’70s, it was an opening to a world that was somewhat unknown to most North Americans

But Theroux’s words are not for everyone. Quite often, he expresses beliefs (and questionable opinions) about the places he visits that may rub some the wrong way.

Take with a pinch of salt and enjoy.

Buy: The Old Patagonian Express


Do Purpose by David Hieatt

Do Purpose

“Enjoy the ride, it’s your ride. Deal with each day one day at a time. Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t live in the future. Keep working in the now. Head down. Working on the thing that matters to you. Stay in the now.”

Advice is always nice, right? Encouragement is even better. This book by David Hieatt is a collection of passages that will encourage and inspire everyone from the entrepreneur to the hardened businessman. It’s helped me understand my worth and see the mistakes I've made as more than just bumps in the road. 

I walked away from this read feeling affirmed in my path. My passion is in the right place, and the brand I am building is on track. It’s good to have a purpose. 

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Surf Is Where You Find It by Gerry Lopez

Surf Is Where You Find It

“Surf is where you find it, but it’s always there, if not in the ocean or the mountain on a particular day then always in mind and spirit. Ride the glide and let the spirit soar.”

Every time I pick this book up, I always put it down inspired. The collection of 38 autobiographical and travel-log stories introduce a variety of both well-known and lesser-known surfing legends

The writing will somehow make your heart race while also making you feel totally calm. This powerful book not only improved my surfing, it changed my outlook on life.

Buy: Surf Is Where You Find It


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