Huckberry Book Club: Charles Post

We take a look at ecologist and Huckberry Ambassador Charles Post's winter reading list
February 13, 2018Words by Charles PostPhotos by Rachel Pohl

"In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn't read all the time..."
— Charles T. Munger

Welcome to the first ever Huckberry Book Club curated by ambassador, ecologist, and all-around legend Charles Post. We first met Charles during our Explorer's Grant with Chris Burkard, and the two spent a week exploring the remote reaches of Alaska together. He's since become a great friend of Huckberry, and we could listen to him wax poetic all day long about the American Dipper, or provide a thoughtful explanation about the vital role wolves play in an ecosystem. That's why we decided to have him curate a list of books and magazines he's reading each season. Read along with us, let us know what you think in the comments below, and join the conversation on our Instagram.

American Wolf by Nate Blakeslee

"This book explores the complex relationship between wolves and people with Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding Greater Yellowstone communities as the setting. You’ll follow these wolves from re-introduction in Yellowstone National Park in 1995 to their politically and emotionally charged removal from the Endangered Species List in 2009. You’ll learn about some of the wolves who became famous and beloved by the media and public, and those who see wolves as a direct threat to their livelihoods and way of life. This is a tale that explores the dynamic relationship between humans and wolves in one of the wildest corners of the lower 48."

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Modern Huntsman

"Modern Huntsman is a biannual publication that aims to redefine the hunting narrative by illuminating people and stories bound to a reverence for the natural world, the harvest of wild game and a passion for time spent outside. This publication caught my eye from the moment I crossed paths with it on Kickstarter because it intended to challenge the hunting narrative that has long resulted in a divide between hunters and non-hunters. It’s no easy feat, but through a well curated collection of stories and imagery that celebrate the best examples of hunters, Modern Huntsman may create opportunities to start telling a new story of hunting, one that celebrates stewardship not just the trophy. Furthermore, the hunting narrative has long missed the female perspective, and after taking a look at the final version of Issue 1, Modern Huntsman is doing a great job of sharing a balance of strong female voices. And I have to say, I’m especially honored to be sharing this review because this publication has been a result of much of my own passion and energy. As co-editor of Modern Huntsman, I have had the wonderful opportunity to watch this idea bloom with a dose of vision and leadership from Editor in Chief, Tyler Sharp."

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Another Escape

"The Another Escape mission says it all: 'inspired by nature to be creative and lead a considered way of life.' It’s a publication that scratches all the itches and checks all the boxes I could ever ask from a publication. Another Escape does this in an inspiring a beautiful way by telling stories that honor the art of simple living, celebrate those mindful humans who are using their voices and energy to inspire positive change, and those who seek adventure and exploration from deep rooted intentions guided by a thirst for creativity, innovation and discovery.  Not to mention Patagonia is their publishing partner, which speaks volumes about their message and mission. I have their latest issue sitting on my desk as we speak."

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Tell us what you're reading in the comments below, let us know what you think of these books on Twitter, and until next time, we'll See You Out There.

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