How to Skivvy Roll

Take a page from the Marines, and adopt one of the most efficient packing techniques.
June 21, 2014

erfected by the Marines, the Skivvy Roll or Grunt Roll is one of the most efficient packing techniques that we have ever seen. Combining all of our essentials (socks, shirt, and briefs) into a compact, bag ready, burrito of gear - it’s a simple, yet ingenious approach that makes filling up your bug out bag or packing for your next camping trip that much easier.

We’ve tried our hand at it and shared our technique below. Take a quick look and then give it a go yourself – you’ll never look at packing the same way again.



Take your shirt, preferably a short sleeve shirt, and lay it flat on the ground. Then take your briefs, fold 'em in half, and place them right below the collar of the shirt – this will make it easier to roll up.




Fold your shirt right above the shoulder and then layer the second sleeve in the exact same way. This step is secretly the most important - depending on how wrinkled or unwrinkled you want your shirt to be when you unroll it.



Grab a pair of crew socks (ankle socks won’t do) and cross them toe to heel right over the sleeves of your now folded shirt. Once in place, take the collar of the shirt and begin to tightly roll the shirt to the bottom. The tighter you roll, the less space you will create.


When you are happy with your roll, you should have the two ends of the socks sticking out on either side. Take one of these ends and slide it over the roll – it should almost cover it entirely. With the remaining sock end, repeat the step. Ta’dah you now have the coolest and most compact way to pack your gear.


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