Bourbon Coffee Old Fashioned Recipe

A little caffeine buzz offers the perfect twist on a timeless cocktail
October 18, 2018Words by Elliot ClarkPhotos by Elliot Clark

The only thing better than bourbon and coffee is bourbon and coffee in the same cocktail. This particular recipe is just that.

Pouring Bourbon Coffee Old Fashioned

In the world of drinks, the old fashioned is the person who walks into a room and doesn’t need an introduction. They’ve been in the game for so long that everyone knows them, and everyone admires and respects them. As cocktail recipes pop up and disappear by season, the old fashioned remains. It represents everything a well-crafted cocktail should be: balanced. But sometimes we want to drink a little coffee, too.

This cocktail is a combination of bourbon whiskey, coffee liqueur, brown sugar syrup, and a dash of chocolate bitters. It’s a simple drink to mix up and easily batched for larger get togethers (something to keep in mind for the holiday season). Name something better than sipping a bourbon coffee old fashioned fireside with a group of friends—we’ll wait. 

Read on for directions on how to make one for yourself. 

Stirring Bourbon Coffee Old Fashioned




(Makes one serving)

• 2 oz bourbon (We used High West American Prairie Bourbon)

• 1/4 oz coffee liqueur (We recommend St. George Spirits Nola Coffee Liqueur)

• 1/4 oz brown sugar syrup (Recipe below)

• Dash of Angostura bitters

Pouring Bourbon


In a mixing glass, combine the bourbon, coffee liqueur, brown sugar syrup, and dash of chocolate bitters. Add ice and stir to chill the drink. Strain into a rocks glass over ice. 

How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup: In a small saucepan, combine equal parts water to brown sugar. Warm on low heat and gently stir until the sugar is dissolved (do not bring to a boil).

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Finished Bourbon Coffee Old Fashioned


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