The Huckberry Guide to Choosing Your Next Set of Sheets

Cotton, flannel, linen, hemp—the right material could change the way you sleep
September 1, 2019Words by Brooke Vaughan

Hey, you. Let’s pillow talk . . . No, not like that. We’re talking bedding. Whether you’re looking for something classic, breathable, soft, or sustainable, there’s a set of sheets for you. And we’re here to help you find the perfect match. 

Upstate Organic Cotton Bedding

The Most Versatile: Cotton Bedding

Crisp and clean, cotton sheets are a comfortable approach to styling your bed and getting a sound sleep, too. In other words, classic cotton is a no-brainer. They keep you toasty while mountain hut–roughing it on the slopes, and their light, moisture-wicking quality stands up to even the warmest of desert conditions. Call us cocky, but you could wash these sheets hundreds of times and they only get softer with each wash and wear. Interested? We thought so. Check out our Upstate Pure Washed Cotton Sheet Set, handcrafted in Northern Portugal and available in three standard yet versatile colors. 

Cotton quick facts: The most versatile, offers a crisp finish, breathable, moisture-wicking

Matteo Harbon Linen Bedding

The Most Breathable: Linen Bedding

You’ve spent the day soaking up high tide, and, despite the persistent use of SPF, that damn sun still got the best of you. Nothing that a bottle of aloe and a trusty set of linen sheets can’t solve. Made from flax—meaning the fibers of the sheets are hollow—linen is the most breathable of the materials here, with plenty of moisture-wicking technology to keep you extra cool. They have a bit more texture than cotton, and are hypoallergenic to match. Although linen tends to run on the pricier side, it’s more sustainable than a cotton or flannel option (though you should keep reading if you’re looking to be a real Leo DiCaprio). Slide into our Home Shop to peruse the linen lineup, including the earth-friendly Upstate Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set (made in Portugal) and Matteo Harbor Linen Duvet Set, made in L.A. for a more local catch. 

Linen quick facts: The most breathable, sustainable, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking

Upstate Flannel Sheets

The Coziest: Flannel Bedding

You know what they say: “Just what the doctor ordered.” For the softest, warmest, coziest sheet, spring for flannel. Think: that Snuggle fabric softener bear in bedding form. Our Upstate Eco Heather Flannel Set is an organic-cotton, upcycled-fiber blend available in gray and navy plaids. They’re breathable (yes, even though they’re thicker) and brushed (meaning they’re extra soft). Upstate partners with state-of-the-art Portuguese factories, where expert weavers craft the goods on old-school equipment for the finest touch. And these suckers’ll last you a long time–like a long time. 

Flannel quick facts: The softest, the warmest, the coziest, pretty breathable, long-lasting

Amber Fort Hemp Bedding

The Most Sustainable: Hemp Bedding

In case you were wondering, you don’t have to sacrifice strength for sustainability. Carefully crafted by a women’s fair trade community in India and built to stand the test of time, Amber Fort Hemp Bedding is the real deal. They definitely hold the most texture of all of our sheets, offering a distinctly natural feel. The best part: They’re hypoallergenic and antibacterial, meaning you don’t need to wash them nearly as often as other bedding. After a week in these sheets, you’re bound to wear out your snooze button.

Hemp quick facts: The most sustainable, the strongest, the longest-lasting, hypoallergenic, antibacterial (Hemp will also serve you well during your waking hours—find out why you should be wearing this 10,000-year-old fabric.)

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