The 2019 Huckberry Grail Gift Guide

13 of our wildest picks, nearly $1 million in value
October 29, 2019Words by Cody Ernst

A rare vintage Rolex? A one-of-a-kind work of art? A stay in a mind-bending tree house? What would your ultimate gift wishlist look like if money were no object? Like we say every year, we know we probably won’t see this stuff in our stocking come Christmas. But you miss 100% of the gifts you don’t ask for. Right?

1967 Rolex GMT 1675 Mark 1.5 Dial 

1967 Rolex GMT 1675 Mark 1.5 Dial 

Pablo Picasso, Marlon Brando, and more US astronauts than we can count—just a few of the notable wearers of the famed and highly sought-after “Pepsi dial” from the most renowned name in the history of watchmaking. Originally built for aviators who were flying increasingly long distances, the watch lets you track two time zones thanks to an extra, 24-hour hand. So Santa, for instance, could set the 24-hour hand to the North Pole timezone, and the other hands to the timezone his sleigh is flying over. 

Price: $14,000

An Original Painting by Conrad Jon Godly

An Original Painting by Conrad Jon Godly

From the moment we first laid eyes on this Swiss painter’s thickly-impastoed, atmospheric landscapes, we’ve had our hearts set on one above the mantel. Having seen a couple in-person, it’s hard to get the effect they create out of our heads—how from across the room they look like photographs of Swiss mountains, yet up-close they’re these dynamic sculptures of paint.

Price: From $12,300


A Yacht-inspired Road Chief Wave Trailer 

A Yacht-inspired Road Chief Wave Trailer 

For a fraction of the price of a luxury yacht, you can now moor your own yacht at your favorite campsite on or off the grid. With wood paneling, aircraft-grade aluminum construction, and a nautical motif throughout, as well as high-end tech out the wazoo, this is really what people mean when they talk about “glamping.” Imagining one of these sailing by us on the highway just makes us want one that much more. 

Price: From $225,000

Stay at Sweden's Breathtaking Treehotel

A Stay at Sweden’s Breathtaking Treehotel 

Kick back among the tall trees in the pine forests of Northern Sweden in this mirrored-cube hotel room. The covert yet luxe design is like something a Bond villain would design if he gave up crime to reconnect with nature. It’s surprising, when you step inside the cube, you’re not transported to a new dimension like in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Instead, you’ll find a cozy two-person hut high-up in the tree, complete with a bathroom and “invisible” balcony that you can go on without being seen. Come to think of it, that is a bit like another dimension, huh?

Price: $1,600 per night. 

A Custom Vintage Bronco by ICON 4X4

A Custom Vintage Bronco by ICON 4X4

Jonathan Ward is a titan in the automotive world. Each tiny detail of every luxuriously restored 4X4 that rolls out of his legendary workshop is fully customizable down to the taillights. He got his start as owner of the leading Toyota Land Cruiser service center in the country, then working a side gig designing for Toyota, then building his own custom Land Cruisers himself at ICON. As a meticulous industrial designer with a keen eye, opinionated watch nerd, and total badass, we back anything Jonathan puts his name on.

Price: From $150,000

Autographed Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game”

The Autographed Air Jordan 12 Worn During “Flu Game”

Aside from being a pair of signed vintage Jordans, these kicks are special because they’re steeped in ‘90s basketball legend. Fighting off flu-like symptoms, Jordan wore them in game five of the 1997 Finals against the Jazz, scoring 38 points and pushing the Bulls to a 90-88 victory. What can we say, we love sneakers and we probably love a good story even more. 

Price: $104,000

The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona 

A style worn and immortalized by none other than Cool Hand Luke himself, this highly sought-after vintage Rolex from 1968 is the stuff watch lovers’ dreams are made of. The fact that Newman wore this style to his side gig as a pro racecar driver only makes it that much cooler. Tough to believe that this was actually one of the least popular Rolex styles before Newman started wearing it. But hey, that’s the kinda thing one of the coolest guys on the planet can do for you. 

Price: From $115,000

Triumph Scrambler

A New, Adventure-ready Triumph Scrambler 

Hailing from Britain, Triumph’s famed lineup of bikes has earned them a legion of loyal riders, including two certified legends in their own right—Brando and Mcqueen. It’s as adept on the road as it is on the dirt, perfect for heading off the beaten path and off the grid. And ready for a Great Escape you might have in mind. 

Price: From $14,000

Macallan 72 Year Old Lalique Genesis Decanter

The Macallan 72-year-old Lalique Genesis Decanter

Why ask for another bottle of Pappy when you can think bigger? That line of questioning led us straight to Macallan’s oldest single malt ever bottled, the 72 Year Lalique Genesis. Distilled in the ‘40s after WWII, this is a bottle you definitely don’t want to drink too fast. With only 600 of these special decanters produced, popping to the liquor store for more just ain’t that easy.

Price: £83,000 ($107,122)

GoldenEye Resort

A Stay at GoldenEye Resort 

The Jamaican property where Ian Fleming wrote all of his 007 novels, outfitted with Bond-worthy accommodations—the perfect, peaceful spot to dream up your own best-selling novel or just kick back and recharge before your next mission. Story goes: Fleming visited the spot in the Caribbean while serving in Her Majesty’s British Naval Intelligence in WWII, and made a note to come back after The War. The waterfront land where he wrote is now a sprawling, luxurious series of villas, cottages, and beach huts frequented by artists, writers, musicians, and international men of mystery.

Price: From $1,635 per night 


Woolsey Handmade Outdoor Ping Pong Table

A Woolsey Handmade Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Woolsey is a high-end furniture builder out of Costa Mesa, California, that handcrafts indoor and outdoor furniture with an eye towards the sturdiest, most sustainable construction practices. We like their more “normal” furniture like lounge chairs and desks too, but we really appreciate that they went all out with this ping pong table. It’s table tennis at its most refined, built well enough to be passed down for generations. It’d really be an honor to grace such a surface with our most blistering forehand. 

Price: $9,200

Custom Made Bob Kramer Knife

A Custom-made Bob Kramer Knife 

One of 120 master bladesmiths in the USA, Bob Kramer hand-hammers some of the finest Damascus steel chef’s knives ever made. Seriously, reading about him reminds us of the Hanzo sword from “Kill Bill.” While running a relatively modest operation in Washington State, and being single-mindedly focused on blade perfection, he’s been profiled by the likes of Esquire and Anthony Bourdain, and our buddy Brad Leone from Bon Appétit has even worked with him. In order to snag one, you’ll have to become a member on Kramer’s site and then bid on the knives as they become available—so maybe it’s worthwhile adding instructions to your wishlist for this one. 

Price: Auction only 

Limited Edition Leica M 10-P "ASC 100 Edition"

A Limited Edition Leica M 10-P “ASC 100 Edition”

When it comes to cameras, Leica is a name to be reckoned with. Once you see that red dot, you know you’re dealing with a beautifully-designed, unexpectedly quiet machine with the photo quality and specs to back it up. Also, a nuttily-high price point, but we don’t have time for details like that in the Grail Gift Guide. So we’ll instead focus on this limited edition black and gold Leica celebrating the 100th anniversary of the American Society of Cinematographers. It’s 1/300, so ask Santa for it early. 

Price: $17,500


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