Garbage Truck Adventuremobiles

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Jan 23, 2013 | By Andy

#Adventuremobile. As a reader of this blog, you're likely well acquainted with the movement, and our collective fascination with #vanlife. Search out either hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr and you'll find a cornucopia of VW Syncros, Ford Econolines, and Chevy Sportvans.

Noticeably lacking are UNICATs, 4x4 luxury RVs that look conspicuously like dump trucks. They’re built in Germany on 4×4 truck underpinnings, using chassis provided by Unimog, International or MAN, and often run in excess of $500,000. That is, UNICATs are for those who love adventure and have a lot of cash, or for people who believe in the impending apocalypse.
For those accustomed to humping it in the back of a Ford Ecoline, a stay in a UNICAT will feel like an evening at a 5-star hotel. The trucks are organized to fit basic amenities like a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen, as well as less standard features like a lounge and an office, without appearing super cramped - which is more than most can say about their stationary apartments.