Inside This Family-built Colorado Dream Cabin

This A-frame in Grand Lake might just be the inspiration you need to claim your own cabin in the woods
October 4, 2018Words by Josh PerezPhotos by Josh Perez

Colorado couple Michael and Tara Viscarelli were looking for a place to wind down on the weekends — so they built one. Their A-frame in Grand Lake, Colorado, is the perfect place to rest, escape to the outdoors, and find the energy they need before returning to the city. An interior designer by trade, Tara’s lifelong dream project was to create her own home from scratch. We’re pretty impressed with what they pulled off. 

Freedom Cabin A-frame

Freedom Cabin Bedroom

Freedom Cabin Bathroom

Freedom Cabin Sauna

“When we decided to build a cabin, we wanted it to be close to our house so that we could escape for a weekend and it not be too far for us with the kiddos,” Tara says. “We have always loved Grand Lake since we first moved to Colorado. It’s a town rich in history with tons of recreational activities. We love being around the water, mountains, and tons of wildlife, so for us, it’s the best Colorado has to offer.”

Tara Viscarelli in Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake, Colorado

Tara loves American-made companies including Pendleton

“American-made companies are a big inspiration for me,” Tara says. “My entire family on my dad’s side are furniture manufacturers and designers. I get a lot of that inspiration from my family. I also love homes where the furnishings look like they were purchased over a lifetime of collecting. Growing up, my parents collected antiques and furniture over time, so nothing matched in our house, and that is how I have always designed.”

Freedom Cabin Books

Freedom Cabin Living Room

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