Beautifully Savage

After homelessness and time in jail, Joe Buckner is relentlessly determined to lift up his community through fitness
February 9, 2019Words by Huckberry StaffPhotos by Jeff Masamori

"Boxing is beautiful—to watch two skilled fighters now search for angles to land the perfect shot. Courage, stamina—those are the things that really matter, but those are also things that will make you successful in life." —Joe Buckner

Meet Joe Buckner, a community leader in Fort Collins, CO who started his own boxing gym, Beautifully Savage, after overcoming a difficult past. This past December, we flew out for one of his workouts, but ended up getting so much more. He told us his story of struggle, motivation, and triumph—we were so impacted that we had to share it. So we teamed up with lululemon on the short film below; give it a watch and (spoiler alert) be prepared to walk away feeling fired up and inspired enough to take on the world.

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