Fake Ambulances in Russia

Hero ambulancetaxis

Mar 27, 2013 | By Maryam

If you’ve ever been on the road and seen an emergency vehicle make like Moses and part a sea of cars, you’ve likely felt the envy (at least for the driver), wishing you could do the same. Some shady guys in Russia decided to capitalize off that feeling.
They devised a deviously clever scheme, refitting ambulances with luxury amenities - leather seats, caviar, and champagne – and renting them out for $200 an hour. Naturally the fake ambulances are also equipped with the all-important siren for a quick trip from point A to point B.
Although it’s unclear just how long the underground service has been offered, the jig may soon be up. Since making their first bust where they stopped an “ambulance” for a traffic violation, Russian police officers have been on the look out for more offenders.
VIP ambulance taxis are just the latest feather in the cap of the Russian elite. As noted by Jalopnik's Patrick George, Russian and Soviet party members have always regarded themselves as superior to the lower classes, and were once given special blue lights for their cars, which they used as sirens to run red lights and stop signs.
Below, a man (with an interesting helmet choice) protest a party member and his blue lights.
National Post via Jalopnik.