The 5 Pants Every Guy Should Own

Ditch the clutter and whip your wardrobe into a lean, mean, all-occasion machine
January 26, 2020Words by Jon Gugala

Let’s face it: Following the whims of fashion blogs will leave you riddled with anxiety, broke, and with a closet full of clutter. If history has shown us anything, it’s that some styles are rock solid, just like the men that made them famous. If you’re looking to simplify in 2020, it’s time to invest in a few classic men’s pants and wear them like it’s 1969. But lest you’re thinking these menswear staples haven’t been updated since their inception, you’ll find new fabrics and tweaked fits that, while staying true to the spirit of the originals, are built for the modern man. Easy to wear, always appropriate, and with versatility to spare, this just may be the easiest resolution you can keep in the New Year.

Flint and Tinder Stretch Selvage Denim

A Classic Pair of Denim

Worn by everyone from James Dean to Barack Obama, a pair of great jeans should be first on every man’s list. While Flint and Tinder have multiple fits to compliment your style, there are some general guidelines. Dark washes will take you into fancier company, while the lighter hues skew more casual. If you’re looking for a comfy fit from first wear, make sure there’s a bit of stretch to them, like with the 1-Year Wash Jeans. With stretch-free denim, like its Loomstate Selvage Denim, expect a few weeks of break-in time before they really become yours. Finally, when it comes to care, don’t fear the washing machine every now and then to keep things fresh (we’ve compiled a handy list of care tips for your denim here).


Proof Rover Pant

The Go-Anywhere, Adventure Pant

Made from thick, abrasion-resistant fabric and reinforced with chunky seams, these were the go-to's for guys with dirty jobs, dirty hands, and crazy stories. Of course, with the modern era comes with modern upgrades—Proof’s Rover Pant adds a gusseted crotch, behind-the-knee seams, and a stretch fabric for easier movement for when you’re shimmying under the car, digging in the garden, or going on your latest adventure. Generations of men have depended on these, and it’s time you’ve stained a pair yourself. 


Flint and Tinder 365 Pant

The Every Day, Do-It-All Pant

Tackling date nights and casual offices with equal aplomb, it’s at home on golf courses and at pool parties, and it dresses up with a button-down and relaxes with your favorite vintage tee. In fact, it’s so often depended on that you’re likely due for an upgrade. As its name suggests, the 365 Pant by Flint and Tinder is designed for day-in, day-out wear, and it comes in multiple fits and numerous colors so that you can tailor your look to your life. Blending cotton with a touch of spandex for stretch, these buttery soft bottoms are easy to throw on without thinking too hard about it.




Flint and Tinder Selvage Chino

The Dress-It-Up, Dress-It-Down Chino

It’s said that a chino is really just a broken-in pair of khakis, belying a comfort and casualness that goes beyond its newer, fresher cousin. An option like the Flint and Tinder Selvage Chinos will get you through a host of Saturdays, holidays, and picnics in the park. Look for a pair with a slim fit, washed-in hue, and a longer cuff—the latter of which is perfect for rolling up in the warmer months. 




Relwen Stretch Windpant

The Weekender Pant

Call it athleisure or a modern take on the humble sweatpant, today’s joggers and sweats are a boon to weekends, coffee runs, and college football Saturdays. Über-comfortable after a long work week, they’re also surprisingly easy to tidy up by adding a polo shirt and some leather sneakers. If there’s any through-line that connects it to others on this list, it’s the effortless ease in which they’re worn. Sure, unless you’re Drake you won’t find yourself wearing these out at night, but almost all other casual occasions are fair game. Options like the Relwen Stretch Windpant trim the style’s performance-minded nylon fabric into a slim silhouette.




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