Diversions + Tunes: October 24th, 2014

From the trenches of WWI, to skiing in an LED bodysuit, this week's Diversions + Tunes has it all
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Oct 24, 2014 | By HB HQ

1. GOING 'OVER THE TOP': A WWI soldier describes what it was life fighting in the trenches of Western Europe. // New Republic

2. GORUCK SPY GAMES: "I hear the clicking of a taser near my face. It’s close enough to my neck that I freeze. This is a game, right?" // Carryology

3. WHO WINS THE SCENE: Tony Zhou's breakdown of a key scene in Silence Of The Lambs makes us want to watch the classic again. Like tonight. // Kottke

4. SKIING IN A LED BODYSUIT: The only thing harder than skiing at night? Answer: filming it. // Wired

5. THE HISTORY OF PHYSICAL FITNESS: Working out is so easy, even cave men could do it. // Art of Manliness

6. A MORNING WITH A JIU JITSU MASTER: Get the Method from Stan Parish — a martial artist in New York. // 5 O'Clock Magazine