Diversions + Tunes: May 23, 2015

Southern watermelon, Bourdain's travel picks, and hackers on planes — it's all in this week's Diversions + Tunes
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May 23, 2015 | By Huckberry Staff

1. BOURDAIN'S TEN BEST DESTINATIONS: After 14 seasons of globetrotting, here are the chef's most popular stops. / First We Feast

2. IN FLIGHT: En route from London to Tokyo, a pilot’s-eye view of life in the sky. If you're an aviation geek, don't miss this longread. / NYT

3. MOUNTAIN BIKE CAMPING IN SCOTLAND: Our friend Al Humphreys recently biked across Scotland and recorded this rad little video.

4. SAVING THE SOUTH'S WATERMELONS: How the legendary Bradford melon was brought back from the brink of extinction. / NPR

5. HACKER PILOTS AIRLINE FROM ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: We're not even mad. In fact, we're impressed. / Wired

6. CASEY NEISTAT'S WILDLY FUNCTIONAL STUDIO: A little OCD, a little inspired, and a whole lot awesome. / YouTube

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Header photo by Wilderness Scotland / via wildernessscotland.com