Diversions + Tunes: February 7, 2015

From wolves thriving in the Rocky Mountains to "the most interesting man on Instagram" — it's the best in this week's diversions
Hero rocky mountains dt 2.7

Feb 7, 2015 | By HB HQ

1. TOUGH GUY CHALLENGE: Eight country miles of freezing mud, barbed wire, electric shocks, sprains, broken bones, and more. / The Atlantic

2. BEHIND DAN BILZERIAN: Love him or hate him, find the untold story of the "most interesting man on Instagram." / GQ

3. BEST SUPER BOWL XLIX COMMERCIALS: So you can revisit any part of the big game but the last 30 seconds. / New Yorker

4. WOLFLANDIA: The fight over the most polarizing animal in the West. / Outside

5. AMERICAN SNIPER OMISSION: Making a case for a crucial detail, missing from the Oscar-nominated film. / GQ

6. SAVED BY THE BELL REUNION: + Jimmy Fallon - Screech - Lisa. Watch this — your 90s self will thank you. / YouTube