Diversions + Tunes: February 21, 2015

From breakfast with Mr. Everest to why New York City Transit is dumping old subway cars into the Atlantic — it's all in this week's Diversions + Tunes
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Feb 21, 2015 | By HB HQ

1. AFTER THE FALL: 25 years after Tyson vs. Douglas, why do we still have sympathy for the guy? / SB Nation

2. THE CAMERA THAT INSPIRED INSTAGRAM: And 7 other 'aha moments' that sparked the world's biggest startupts. / Fast Company

3. BREAKFAST WITH MR EVEREST: Inside the morning routine of one of the world's most prolific mountaineers. / Harry's

4. HACK YOUR COFFEE: Forget latté art, a French press and a little science is all you need for a perfect cup. / Popular Mechanics

5. 60 OSCAR-NOMINATED MOVIES RANKED: And you'll never guess which "best picture" nominees ended up in the bottom ten. / Slate

6. DROPPING SUBWAY CARS IN THE OCEAN: But there's a great reason for it, years down the line. / Drift Surfing

Here's what we've been jamming out to at Huckberry HQ for the month of February. 
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