Diversions + Tunes: April 18th, 2015

From the secrets of a Hollywood stuntman, to the man who killed John Wilkes Booth, this week's Diversions + Tunes has it all
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Apr 18, 2015 | By HB HQ

1. PORTRAITS OF THE PACIFIC COAST TRAIL: This photographer camped out to photograph hikers along their journeys. / Outside

2. FIELD GUIDE TO SANDWICHES: A celebration of the sandwich, and an attempt to create a taxonomy for its many diverse forms. / NYT

3. WHO KILLED JOHN WILKES BOOTH? The insane story of the man who killed the man who killed Lincoln. / The Washingtonian

4. SECRETS OF A STUNTMAN: "Preparation is the key to success," along with obviously jumping off a lot of stuff. / Valet

5. WHY PILOTS STILL MATTER: Making the case for a cockpit presence no machine can replicate. / New York Times

6. ONE FOR THE LADS: Get your daily dose of wanderlust, gear, gadgets and girls. / Mister Spoils

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