Diversions + Tunes: April 10, 2015

From churro dogs to the best motorcycles of our generation — it's all in this week's Diversions + Tunes
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Apr 10, 2015 | By HB HQ

1. THE LOCATION OF MH370: It's the most compelling theory we've read on the airline that disappeared a year ago. / NY Mag

2. PERFECTLY TIMED MILITARY PHOTOS: No, sir. We salute you. / Rsvlts

3. PLAYBOY'S SECRET TUNNELS (SFW): Which may or may not have connected to Kirk Douglas and Jack Nicholson's homes. / BLDG

4. WHAT TO EAT AT EVERY BALLPARK: If a 'Churro Dog' is wrong, then we don't want to be right. / Esquire

5. TOP 5 MODERN MOTOS: In the market for a new motorcycle? These are considered the best of this generation. / BikeExif

6. SURVIVING EXTREMUS: Part race, part winter wilderness survival in the most challenging terrain New England yields. / Vice Sports

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