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Dec 13, 2013 | By HB HQ

BUT DO THE LADIES LIKE IT?: Women's honest (and thoughtful) responses to the VS fashion show. / Quora

IF YOU DRANK LIKE JAMES BOND: You'd be shaken too. And forget hitting your target with your Walther PKK. / NPR

CRAZY PICS OF NORTH KOREA: A peak into the most isolated country in the world. / D.S.

RUN FREE: Our buddy Naresh Kumar recently ran a smokey 120 mile section of the John Muir Trail in Bedrock Sandals. / Vimeo

UP IN FLAMES: Splicing explosions from Call of Duty onto tranquil landscapes. Bombs away. New Yorker

HEADS OF STATE: The guys of Pilot & Captain get an in-depth look. Spoiler alert: they look good. / The Great Discontent

BAD SANTAS: Santa's evil twin has been scaring the crap out of European children for hundreds of years. / The Atlantic

AIR TRAVEL IN THE '30s: A look back to when London to Australia took 11 days. / PaleoFuture