Cooking from "A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen"

What happens when you give a traveling chef a cookbook and the company credit card? A feast of Southern proportions
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Aug 1, 2015 | By Tinder to Sprinter

When we wanted to field test some of our good buddy Matt Moore's mouth-watering recipes, we knew there was no one better to do it than the duo behind Tinder to Sprinter — one's a chef, one's a photographer, and both are hungry. Since they're currently living the #vanlife, we tracked them down in Oregon, mailed them an advanced copy of A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen, and told them ingredients were on us (tequila included). The result? Well, let's just say we're glad it's time for lunch.

Put to the test! We were fortunate enough to do some recipe testing from a new cookbook fit for a man. But before we dive in, let us introduce ourselves:  we met on Tinder, we live in a Sprinter van, and one of us is a chef and the other is Texas-bred with a proper Texas appetite.

Southern Gentleman's Kitchen was delivered to us along with instructions to chef it up and send the grocery bill back to Huckberry — can't beat that! A few factors that came into play when choosing the which recipes to work with: 1), what we could feasibly cook in our van (it’s a small space); 2) trying to pick as many as we could that included booze; and 3) showcasing some non-typical Southern food. 

A Brown Derby Cocktail, Gulf Coast Cioppino, Grilled Corn with Tequila-Lime Butter, and a Grilled Georgia Peach Crumble were on our menu. Not your stereotypical Southern feast, but our goal (and Matt Moore's) was to expand on the Southern palate.

The recipes are written to be forgiving with ingredients, so you can definitely tweak recipes to fit your location and resources. Example? Wanting to source more local seafood for our location, the Pacific Northwest, we opted for snow crab instead of blue crab and Snapper instead of Amberjack for our cioppino. We may have also added a bit (a lot) more butter than a couple of the recipes called for. Since these are Southern recipes and all, we weren’t too worried. 

Being a professional chef, it's the behind-the-scenes look at where the recipes are coming from and why they're influential to the author that really gets my creative juices going. If you’re new to cooking or want to beef up your recipe knowledge, you’ll have no problem cooking every recipe in this book — they're straightfoward, ingredients are easily sourced or swapped, and the resulting flavors? Well, as they say in the South, “Hot damn!”  

Feeling hungry yet? Grab your own copy of A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen here.

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