Cast Iron Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

In this season of indulgence, break up with vegetables and whip up a batch of these sweet cast iron cinnamon rolls
December 8, 2015Words by Kelsey BoytePhotos by Boyte Creative

I’m feeling the holidays this year. Not in the red and silver tchotchke sense, but for the cheer. The lightness of being. There is much to be said about commercialization and excess, your insufferable in-laws… but thoughtfulness seems to be on the slight uptick, even in errands and work and travel. The snow feels more romantic than nuisance. There is hand holding. There is fellowship among strangers. Blankets come down from the closet, there is ample excuse to bake, and we somehow find time — make time — to connect. 

The period between black Friday and New Year's Day is basically a six-week long sugar coma. Gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, those massive caramel popcorn tins floating around that Carol in HR keeps bringing to the office. A little indulgence doesn’t hurt, this is a most forgiving season of ski pants and puffer jackets after all. Choose wisely, stay active, and don’t get paranoid. Don’t be that guy. If you can’t break up with your diet rules a little this time of year, then we probably don’t have much business being friends. And this is coming from a woman who legitimately would prefer salad and tomato soup on her deathbed. 

In the sea of sweets this season, these cinnamon rolls are totally worth splurging for. I don’t necessarily hail from a family history of great cooks or culinary tradition, although mom rocks a mean carrot cake recipe, and Grams had her meatloaf. For the most part I’ve been in the business of establishing (or at least beta testing) family holiday recipes and tradition that might stick around for a few generations. Without a family recipe, I turn to the queen of “BOOOOTTER AND OYYAL” herself, Paula Deen. 

Make these cast iron cinnamon rolls with vanilla bourbon glaze and GET HAPPY, PEOPLE. [H]

Kelsey is a writer, director, and Colorado-based mountain mama.
Her preferred holiday indulgence is an Apple Whiskey Toddy. 

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