Provisions: Campfire Shakshuka

Learn to make this killer, crowd-pleasing Middle Eastern stew for your next breakfast at basecamp

Oct 24, 2015 | By Zach Piña

Shakshuka is one of those dishes that’s simply too damn good to enjoy only for breakfast. This vibrant vegetable ragout with poached eggs is enjoyed in various capacities around the world — as breakfast in in North Africa where the dish originated, or as a bright and spicy communal centerpiece for supper in Israel with pitas or challah on the side.

We “re-discovered” Shakshuka deep in Mississippi country while exploring with the boys of Sanborn Canoe Co. The morning after a full day of paddling on the river, which then culminated in a semi-sleepless night of tents hastily pitched in the dark. We awoke to the crackle of a fire amidst our camp, as Jordan Ogren was the first awake, stoking the coals under a cast-iron Dutch oven. In it, were already sizzling the trappings of the most amazing camp breakfast we’d ever had. Stunningly simple and hearty enough for even the mightiest appetites in the field, we couldn’t think of a better way to start — or end a day by the fire, than with a shared shakshuka meal, the same way traders, immigrants, shepherds and families alike have been doing for centuries now. 

As mentioned, the dish is indeed awfully simple. And while there’s plenty of room for improvisation with ingredients and dietary restrictions (this is a ridiculously easy recipe to keep vegan or gluten-free, if you’re into that sort of thing), we can’t recommend enough the importance of staying true to the spices. Not only does it preserve the traditions of the dish, it also provides an extra layer of delicious warmth that’ll permeate even the coldest base camps. Once you have the basics down, improvise with spicy sausage, salty cheeses (our kick-ass version below has feta) or wilted greens like spinach — with only your appetite as the limitation. [H]

Zach Piña is Huckberry's Managing Editor and resident watch nerd.
He's made Shakshuka four times since this story was written.
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Images ©: Jeff Masamori // Shayd Johnson